Fight of the night

Reality TV show producers and contestants – Survivor in particular – take notice -This is how an argument is done, courtesy of Geraldo and O’Reilly. Memo to Lisi and Dreamz : Your dust-up on that once-popular show last night was ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC. You two losers need to be schooled from these two losers. UPDATE: This story is hotter than we […]

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

Perhaps, but if you are dumber are a 5th grader, you’re already more than qualified to run the Blackhawks. (Click on the link, scroll down, and you’ll see a comment by yours truly pointing out a goof B&C made on that story regarding 5th grader facing Survivor.)

Good Survivor, Bad Survivor

Much like Chicago Bears QB Rex Grossman, many are wondering which Survivor will show up – Good Survivor – the one that’s a money demo powerhouse and a program that genterates plenty or buzz. Or it is Bad Survivor – a program that continues to fall in the ratings each time it premieres and erodes from tougher competition, including NBC’s […]

NATPE/TCA update

Here is the latest going on at NATPE in Las Vegas and TCA press tour in Pasadena, Calif.: -Warner Bros. has pulled its proposed new show, Celebrity Jury– for now. Warner Bros. was unable to come to an agreement with the Fox-owned stations on the program, but may be launched at a later date. Meanwhile, the chances for Dr. Keith […]

The 2006 T Dog Blog Turkey Awards

Welcome to the first annual T Dog Blog Turkey Awards. We’re here to reward stupidity and simpletonism in the fields of broadcasting and in media in 2006 (so far.) Judging by the long list of winners (or shall we say “losers”? ), 2006 was a busy year for being stupid, ignorant, lame, boring, moronic, etc… You get the point. So, […]