Welcome Back: MST3K to return

Thanks to Kickstarter, a cult classic rises again In this era of reboots and revivals comes an unlikely name surfacing: Mystery Science Theater 3000. And so it shall be done. Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, the movie mocking series Mystery Science Theater 3000 – or MST3K, for short, is indeed coming back with fourteen new episodes – thanks to a […]

T Dog’s Grab Bag: WGN Radio loses steam in latest PPMs

A lot of stuff¬† in this grab bag this week: – What’s this? A historic low for WGN Radio? The Tribune-owned talker finished in a tie for fifth place overall in 6+ with CHR WKSC-FM (Kiss) in the Arbitron May PPM survey. Even with Cubs baseball (and the you know the team sucks this year), WGN finished behind WVAZ (V103) […]

"Dr. Horrible" heads to Hulu

So, what did you do during the writer’s strike? Joss Whedon (there’s that name again) of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Firefly fame created and wrote a three-part musical titled Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog for the Internet, featuring Neil Patrick Harris as a supervillain who gets the Rodney Dangerfield treament -no respect. Now the Internet sensation, with was available free […]

Sci-Fi channel greenlights Battlestar prequel

NBC Universal’s Sci-Fi channel has greenlighted several new projects, unveiled at their upfront presentation in New York City Tuesday. They include: – A new prequel to Battlestar Galactica called Caprica, which is set fifty years before Galactica takes place. Galactica concludes its run this year. – True Beliver, a two-hour backdoor pilot from executive producer Rosario Dawson (a noted sci-fi […]

Score big with Bender

He’s not Devin Hester (that’s for sure), but his return is a touchdown for long-suffering Futurama fans. Futurama is back with the equivalent of four all-new episodes in stores today on DVD titled Bender’s Big Score. Taking the same tack Family Guy used to thank its fans for helping bring back the show to network television two years ago (in […]