Is minority content being targeted for indecency?

Content targeting Black, Hispanic audiences come under scrutiny after FCC fines Spanish broadcaster for indecent content¬† Believe it or not, the next indecency battleground could be in Chicago’s African-American community. A group of activists calling themselves The Clear The Airwaves Project are targeting Crawford’s WPWX-FM (Power 92) and Clear Channel’s WGCI-FM for playing salacious hip-hop and rap music targeting children […]

The final word (hopefully) on Imus

Radio & Records is reporting that the Rutgers women’s basketball team has forgiven Don Imus for his offensive comments, after he met with them. It goes to show you that the Rutgers women’s basketball team has more class than two certain activists who completely made fools of themselves, not to mention the African-American community. If the basketball team can move […]