The T Dog Media TV Hall of Shame

No one expected CNN’s Chicagoland to be a love letter to the city – but no one expected it to be a Rahm infomercial either. A critical and ratings flop, Chicagoland is the one of TV’s lowlights in 2014. Recently, the prime-time portion of The Simpsons marathon on FXX attracted more viewers than Chicagoland did. (As of May 2018, the […]

Fox announces its 2013-14 primetime lineup

It looks like ol’ Uncle Rupert is opening up the vault… Fox released its 2013-14 season slate Monday morning ahead of its upfront presentation later in the day, and announced nine new series consisting of five new comedies and four new dramas – not to mention a form of television that hasn’t been mentioned in ages: the mini-series (a.k.a. “limited […]

CBS’ new schedule for 2008-09

CBS is introducing a total of six new series: four new comedies and two dramas, and is moving existing shows to new nights. To see the complete schedule, click here (all times Eastern; programs air one hour earlier in Chicago and the rest of the Central and Mountain time zones.) New comedy Worst Week is slotted after Two And a […]

The journey ends for "Journeyman"

NBC has apparently let its option to pick up the back-nine episodes of its Monday night drama Journeyman lapse, effectively canceling the show. Meanwhile, ABC has knocked Big Shots down to size by putting the low-rated drama on indefinite hiatus. The first initials of this drama pretty much describe this show. And it looks like CBS’ Kid Nation might not […]

The right team makes the difference

So much for the notion of viewers fleeing major sporting events… If you are the L.A. Lakers, New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, or the Boston Red Sox – it’s instant ratings gold. Game One of the Rockies-Red Sox World Series on Fox grabbed a 10.5 household overnight rating and a 5.8 in adults 18-49, up 61 percent in the demo […]

Kid Nation fianlly airs

And as of this writing, it’s still on the air (it actually did well in the ratings). But it was light on the ads. And to no one’s surprise, most critics hated the series. Meanwhile, Back to You and Kitchen Nightmares rocked in their debuts, but Gossip Girl tanked losing from its lead-in and underperforming from year-ago time period levels. […]

Advertisers pass on "Kid Nation"

Several blue-chip advertisers are passing on Kid Nation, the controversial Lord of the Files-type reality show where kids 8-to-15 years old build and run their own town without the help of any adults. Among the advertisers skipping the show are Procter & Gamble, Ford Motor Co., and Anheuser-Busch (obviously.) The program has been dogged for weeks with allegations of child-labor […]

Avoid this show?

Not since the debut of The Chevy Chase Show has a show has received such scathing reviews – and this program hasn’t debuted yet. Upcoming CBS reality show KidNation is coming under such scrutiny, this show could join My Mother, the Car, Me and the Chimp, and Cop Rock in the TV Hall Of Shame. Arthur Greenwald of TVNewsday (registration […]

So, this is where CBS got the idea for "Kid Nation"

Yesterday’s episode of South Park that aired in syndication: “The Wacky Molestation Adventure”, which originally aired on Comedy Central on December 13, 2000, where the kids in South Park got the parents arrested for molestation, and they ran the town. Doesn’t this make a great reality show, minus the molestation? Wait a minute… (BTW, this is our 500th post! Yay!)


Today was CBS’ turn at the press tour. And there is a lot to cover: – CBS President Nina Tassler declined to answer questions about Mandy Patinkin’s departure from the hit crime drama Criminal Minds, which can be attributed to “creative differences”. Patinkin left former CBS show Chicago Hope after one season only to return much later. -Tassler also admitted […]