Local TV stations in the middle of campaign ad controversy

Ad featured a darkened Mayor Lightfoot and violent images, but is it enough to be rejected by local TV stations? For those hoping local TV stations would reject an obviously racist and violent campaign ad running for the past week, it may – or may not happen. In the last week, a Political Action Committee – or PAC, bought time […]

Sinclair slapped with $48 million FCC fine

          Closes book on botched Tribune deal In one of the biggest fines ever levied against a broadcast company, the FCC fined Maryland-based Sinclair Broadcasting $48 million Wednesday for misrepresenting themselves in their pursuit of Chicago-based Tribune Broadcasting, which was later sold to Nexstar.  The fine and consent decree also closes three investigations into the company, […]

FCC sinks net neutrality

FCC reverses 2015 vote; leaves uncertain future for Net Never in the years I’ll followed the media business I’ve seen so much hatred for the FCC – even during the Nipplegate controversy and when former chairman Kevin Martin was running the agency. But what we saw Thursday may have Trumped everything. In yet another bitterly partisan divided vote in an […]

T Dog’s Think Tank: Internet trolls aren’t Boston strong

Leave it to wingnuts, trolls, and the FCC Chairman to ruin a feelgood moment. The Boston Red Sox played their first game at Fenway Park Saturday afternoon against the Kansas City Royals after deadly bombings ripped through the Boston Marathon’s finish line Monday, killing three people and injured more than one hundred. Before the game, Red Sox slugger David Ortiz […]

The Radio Firing Squad: The Sequel

Eddie & JoBo, Glenn Cosby, Effie Rolfe join ranks of radio’s unemployed For the second time this year, one-day mass layoffs have rocked the radio industry (and just like before, the layoffs happened… on a Thursday.) And similar to last March when they laid off more than 70 employees, Clear Channel was front and center of these mass layoffs: an estimated […]

T Dog’s Groovy Grab Bag

A new size for the Trib; A new FCC Chairman (hooray!); Stargate Atlantis exits with a bang; Fox cancels Prison Break. – One advantage the Chicago Sun-Times had over the Trib was its tabloid-like size and the ease of reading it on the bus or on the “L”. Now, that’s gone. Oh-oh… Chicago Tribune introduces a new size: The paper […]

Digital switch may be put off

In a move certain to make a lot of people angry, the digital TV switchover may not take place on Feb. 17 as planned. The new Obama administration wants to postpone the switch because money to fund those digital converter box coupons have run out. The possible move is being supported by the four major networks. With all the time, […]

T Dog’s Groovy Grab Bag

From the bag today: – Comcast SportsNet announced it is splitting its signature sports news show SportsNite into two half-hours at 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. (Yours truly thought they were already separate.) – It looks like an Obama-led FCC could steer the focus away from indecency, which has been the focus of the agency over the last few years. […]

FCC approves XM-Sirius deal

Much like what the New York Mets did in the cover of darkness (canning manager Willie Randolph after hours), those class acts at the FCC approved the XM-Sirius merger by a margin of 3-2 this evening when commissioner Deborah Tate and chairman Kevin Martin agreed on another of principles, including a $19.7 million fine for past FCC violations. The merger […]

FCC vote on XM-Sirius merger tied at 2-2

Leave it to this joke of an agency to make something like the XM-Sirius merger a partisan issue… But that’s what we have so far as Republicans Kevin Martin and Robert McDowell have voted for the merger and Democrats Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein voting against the merger. Adelstein considered voting for the merger, but changed his mind after the […]

I was right!

But I wish I wasn’t… Chicago Sun-Times columnist Jay Mariotti has signed a multi-year contract extension with the paper. Thought: I guess the Reader Alienation Plan continues at the Sun-Times. Read the Think Tank I wrote last week. Didn’t I tell you? And to think the FCC is ready to bail out the newspaper industry by axing the cross-ownership rules. […]

And another thing…

And on a personal note: The comments section in the Tribune over the Channel 2 layoffs has turned into a free-for-all, with yours truly joining in the fray (scroll way down. Flame war, baby!) Don’t know how Family Guy and Adult Swim came up in all of this… but if yours truly is one of those responsible for sending the […]

Oh, shut up!

From the person who doesn’t know anything about sports – or anything else for that matter, Jay Moron – I mean Mariotti, addresses the Chet Coppock controversy, being the hypocritical douchebag he is. And of course, he finds time to rip on White Sox and Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf while he’s at it. He has a nerve to talk about […]

Parents Television Council erupts again

Over two indecency incidents: Diane Keaton’s F-bomb on ABC’s Good Morning America and people giving an obscene gesture (aired live on the Eastern Time Zone only) on CBS’ 60 Minutes Sunday Night. Meanwhile, in a welcome bit of news (of sort), FCC Chairman Kevin Martin says it might be difficult to take action against ABC affiliates over the accidental airing […]