Richard Matheson dies

Acclaimed science-fiction writer Richard Matheson died last week, according to a statement his family released via a protected Facebook account. Matheson was known for many short stories, including I Am Legend, which was adapted into several screenplays over the years (the latest version starred Will Smith.) In TV circles, Matheson wrote several episodes of the first Twilight Zone. Among the […]

Cubs dominate ratings in Chicago

Anyone watching the new summer fare here in Chicago? You know, shows like I Survived a Japanese Game Show, Celebrity Family Feud, Swingtown, Duel, and Wanna Bet? Didn’t think so (in fact, no one is watching them anywhere else, either.) What people are watching in the Windy City are the Cubs – and on Monday night, the Cubs-Brewers game dominated […]

"Duel" premieres tonight – at 1:35 a.m.

Thanks to something called a Bears-Vikings game on ESPN, and is being simulcast on ABC-owned WLS-TV in Chicago. Duel is also being delayed in Minneapolis because of the game, but it gets a better time slot: at 11:35 p.m. on ABC affiliate KSTP-TV (Being delayed in Chicago behind Oprah is one thing, but behind a Jimmy Kimmel Live repeat? Come […]