Today’s the day

For you to make the switch to digital TV. and if you haven’t done so – you’d better. Remember, if you are a cable or satellite subscriber, you are set. If you have a digital-ready set or a converter box, you are also set. If not, and you still rely on analog TV, you’d better do something or you will […]

Chicago TV stations to form "lifeline" for stranded analog viewers

Three Chicago TV stations are partnering up to inform viewers about the digital TV transition, which happens tomorrow. NBC-owned WMAQ-TV, CW affiliate WGN-TV and Independent WCIU-TV will run news, entertainment, and informational programming on Weigel’s WWME-CA – a low-power station not affected by the analog shutoff for now (all full-power stations are scheduled to shut off their analog signals on […]

WYCC becomes first Chicago station to dump analog

WYCC-TV (which is on Channel 20) will become Chicago’s first television station to stop broadcasting in analog on April 16, two months ahead of the June 12 transition date. The public television station (run by the City Colleges of Chicago and is based at Kennedy-King College on 63rd and Halsted) will join dozens of other stations across the country to […]

Chicago Journalism: The future and you

Sunday at the Allegro, a group of journalists, reporters, and media personalities gathered together for a tailgate on the future of Journalism in Chicago. It was basically a clash between old media (newspapers, television, radio) and new media (The Internet, iPhone, iPods.) Representing the “old school” were John Callaway, Carol Marin, Robert Feder, and Eric Zorn, among others, and repping […]

Chicago stations to stick with analog until June 12

Don’t look for Chicago TV stations to dump their analog signals until June 12. Chicago, along with a lot of other large markets, are keeping their analog signals on the air to avoid confusion from viewers (and perhaps protests from community groups.) President Obama signed a bill today that would keep analog signals on the air until June 12 instead […]

DTV date moves again

It’s now June 12 again – the House passed a bill that moves the transition date from February 17 to June 12. However, stations can still shut their analog signals on February 17. A somewhat similar bill was defeated in the House last week. President Obama said that he would sign the legislation.

T Dog’s Four Pack

It’s back! After a few weeks of being on hiatus, the weekly list of winners and losers returns. The Four Fab Pack – Marie Osmond. What a career comeback. She’s performing with her brother on stage in Vegas and now her new talk show for fall has cleared 70 percent of the country in syndication. And she’s still fine. – […]

DTV switch date defeated in House

If you haven’t gotten your converter box – you’d better bet cracking. The House defeated a bill that would have extended the analog cut-off date to June 12. The Obama Administration wanted the deadline to be extended because there was fear a lot of Americans weren’t ready for the switchover and the coupon program ran out of money. With the […]

Digital TV switch to be delayed until June 12

The Senate has voted to delay the digital TV switch until June 12 from February 17, the original date the switchover was to take place. The vote was unanimous, and it is now expected to go to the House, where it is expected to easily pass. Consumers were to get $40 coupons to help them get a converter box if […]

Wilmington, NC to shut off analog early

The FCC will test how well the analog shutoff is going to do by enticing stations in Wilmington, N.C. to shut off their analog transmitters early and go all-digital in September. As some of you know already (or don’t know), the government will shut off analog television on February 17, 2009, and all television broadcasting is going to digital. To […]