Bob Sirott and Marianne Murciano head to WGN Radio full-time

According to a post on Robert Feder’s Facebook page today, Bob Sirott and his wife Murianne Murciano are joining WGN Radio’s daily lineup. The couple already have a Sunday night program on the station. This is the latest move from program director Jimmy DeCastro’s continuing plan on making over WGN-AM’s schedule. No timetable has been set on where or when […]

WGN Radio makes numerous changes

Turi Ryder and Carol Roth both out after only six months   Two of WGN Radio’s newest hires are already gone after just six months. Turi Ryder announced her departure from the Tribune-owned station earlier this week, while Carol Roth’s hour-long noon show was canceled Friday. These are the latest moves from management, led by new head honcho Jimmy De […]

Milt Rosenberg dumped by WGN Radio

Yeah, it’s a great time to be in Chicago… Sunday, we complained about the Bears and their inept management after their loss to the hated Green Bay Packers. On Monday, we complained about the latest moves made by the inept management at WGN Radio. And this is one of them: after 39 years, Milt Rosenberg and his late-night Extension 720 […]