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Google Buys YouTube

There are 1.6 billion reasons why Google’s buying YouTube (and none of them involve T.O.): Chicago Tribune:,1,1720320.story?coll=chi-news-hed Broadcasting & Cable Television Week: Mediaweek:


If you read Robert Feder’s column yesterday, or logged on to radio-related message boards on the Internet, you probably know by now that Cara Carriveau was fired from WLUP-FM (97.9), “The Loop” — all because she wrote a letter to Mr. Feder decrying the state of radio in Chicago. (The story actually broke last night in the Chicago Tribune courtesy […]

Hung Up

The first casualty of the fall season: a cell phone. ESPN pulls the power cord on ESPN Mobile. Television Week:

This “Game” needs the rapper or Triple H

Could this be the new fall season’s worst sitcom? (Hey, who can tell? They’re so many of them….) When you think of The Game, you either think of the rapper associated with 50 Cent or the WWE wrestler associated with DX. According to the Trib’s Maureen Ryan and Media Life Magazine, we may not have a trifecta here…Mo Ryan’s review […]

CBS Corp. Combines CBS Paramount, KIng World King, who became rich in the 1980’s as the little company that could (Thanks to he and his brother Michael discovering Oprah Winfrey and acquiring the syndicated rights to “Wheel of Fourtune” and “Jeporady!”), will head the new CBS Television Distribution Group. The sales people will be selling CBS Paramount and King World syndicated product so they won’t have […]

LOL! That’s funny! Just as funny as "Happy Hour"

If you look on Page 1 of the Chicago Tribune Tempo Section in the lower right-hand corner, the “Tempo Subcommittee on Hissing Cockroaches” you can see why Tribune’s stock is sliding — They obviously hired sitcom writers to write parts of their newspaper, namely the Tempo section (and Dennis Byrne’s crapfest of a column.) Look, if you want to make […]

OLN changes name to Versus — Nation yawns

I’m Back! Sports-themed network OLN changes its name today to Versus. The network will feature lacrosse, Mountain West college football, The Tour De France, and NHL hockey games. You remember the NHL, don’t you? That’s the league that should’ve folded with fellow low-rated entities UPN and The WB. L.O.L! Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. Here’s the link:,1,4282072.story?coll=la-headlines-pe-sports

Meet MyNetworkTV’s new spokesperson: Randy Moss

In Tuesday’s TV Watch Blog from , Wayne Friedman briefly talks about ESPN’s recent Monday Night Football game, in which the Jacksonville Jaguars shutout the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers 9-0 — the lowest combined point score ever on MNF — and wonders if that anthology should apply to MyNetworkTV — The Oakland Raiders of network TV — about […]

Rover Is Over in Detroit

He Gone! (From the Motor City) Rover drops dead in Detroit — Cleveland’s Morning Glory, who bombed here in Chicago on WCKG-FM earlier this year, is now as done in the Motor City as the Lions are: & Anthony replaces him immediately.

Jack meets Jim

Jack meets Jim Today, Chicago’s dumbest radio station meets Chicago’s unfunniest comedian. The “You Don’t Know Jack” promotion from 7:30am – 5:30pm on WJMK-FM (or Jack FM) in Chicago today featured alleged actor/comedian Jim Belushi’s voice tracks promoting the syndication premiere of According to Jim on WGN-Channel 9, tonight at 6pm. Whoopee! What a surprise! Genius idea, isn’t it? F-level […]


Welcome! Welcome to the T Dog Blog. It’s the first day of the 2006-07 television season, and after months, and months of planning (and countless delays), we are finally open for business. I’m T Dog, and me and my “staff” will be your guide to the wackiest, zaniest, stupidest media blog this side of Chicago. Here, we’ll discuss what’s going […]