… and don’t hit your ass out the door! (Part 2)

Britney dumps Kevin: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061107/ap_en_mu/spears_divorce I know. I know. This is a media blog, and there should be no room for celebrity fluff. But hey, I’m not to pass up this opportunity to take a few shots…. 1. This marriage is just as over as the Steelers’ season. 2. Now that his meal ticket is gone, K-Fed will go back to […]

… and don’t hit your ass out the door!

Mark Hyman, who created those “Point” commentaries for Baltimore-based Sinclair NewsCentral stations (including for Sinclair owned ABC affiliates WICS-TV in Springfield and WICD-TV in Champaign), has decided to stop annoying what little viewers they have left for their newscasts and decided to annoy his family instead…. http://www.baltimoresun.com/features/lifestyle/bal-bz.to.hyman03nov03,0,214203.story?coll=bal-artslife-today Those commentaries often featured views that were tilted to the right, which hurt […]

WLIT flips to Christmas Music early

Yes, it’s only November 3, but WLIT has decided to flip to Christmas Music — fifty-something days until Christmas. A quote from Feder’s column in today’s Sun-Times: “When I saw a snowflake this morning, that’s when I decided,” said Darren Davis, vice president of programming and operations for Clear Channel Chicago. “I hadn’t planned on it. It just felt right.” […]

NBC vs. Fox

Photo credit: Chicago Tribune Interesting article in the Trib today from Ed Sherman about the new flexible scheduling policy that came into place this year with the league new television contracts. This involves the Chicago Bears, and their successful undefeated season thus far. Fox isn’t pleased that the game between the Bears (media market #3) and the 5-2 New York […]

Don’t feed the morons

This guy would be better qualified to run a radio station than some of the “professionals” on these radio message boards. Or to become governor of Illinois. Click on this link here: http://www.radio-info.com/smf/index.php/topic,52168.0.html#top Yep. A Story that’s not true. (yet, anyway.) A post that’s on the front page of this website. Considering the poster is probably some in-bred redneck idiot […]

More Changes

Change No. 1: NBC resurrects Thursday Must see lineup From 7 to 9 (Central) Thursdays beginning next month, all the network’s comedies will be on one night. Except “Twenty Good Years”. This shitcom, which hasn’t had one good episode, is on indefinite hiatus:http://nbcumv.com/release_detail.nbc/entertainment-20061025000000-nbcre45makestwo.htmlChange No. 2: New Syndicated talk shows shift slots The Greg Behrendt Show and Dr. Keith Albow have […]

Finally! A network that the NHL can beat in the ratings

Remember MyNetworkTV? That groovy new network that all the square cats are watching? No? Neither does anybody else! With Maureen Ryan of the Trib is busy slamming the CW for their moves, and Marc Berman of Mediaweek ignoring it all together, Advertising Age apparently remembers there’s a MNT: http://adage.com/mediaworks/article?article_id=112543 [subscription required] I have also found that here in Chicago (and […]

TBS wins League Championship series

With declining audiences for sporting events (particularly baseball) on broadcast TV, a move to cable was bound to happen: http://www.broadcastingcable.com/article/CA6382167.html?display=Breaking+News This is on top of a deal that gives Turner exclusive rights to the divisional playoff series beginning next year and Sunday afternoon games in 2008.