T Dog’s Think Tank: Stump The Trump: The sequel

Predictable as a plot to a bad TV show, President Trump comes to town, bashes our city, picks up campaign cash, and leaves.

We saw a weekend where Chicagoans were fed up with a prolonged teacher’s strike and the inept play of the once-hot Chicago Bears, particularly when it came to Mitch Trubisky and head coach Matt Nagy.

And President Trump comes waltzing right in to add to our misery.

Returning to the city for the first time since 2016 when a campaign rally was abruptly canceled, Trump addressed the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference at McCormick Place where the President returned to his tired tropes about the city he loves to hate, ripping into the nation’s third-largest city for its crime rate, liberal politics, and police superintendent Eddie Johnson who refused to show up at the event.

The national media certainly took notice as The AP ran a headline “In Chicago, Trump Calls The City An Embarrassment to the US”, published on numerous websites including the (Minneapolis) Star-Tribune and Black America Web.

Local television stations covered Trump’s speech from McCormick Place, but was slotted at a time most of them carried local news anyway, so no regularly scheduled programming was pre-empted with the exception of syndicated talk show The Real over Fox-owned WFLD.

CBS-owned WBBM-TV only carried parts of Trump’s speech; the station returned to regular programming at 11:30 a.m. in order not to pre-empt The Young And The Restless.

No local radio stations carried the speech, as this “news organization” reported:

Local radio or TV stations are under no obligation to carry a speech from any politician – something I pointed out earlier this year. And the last time radio stations got together to carry a speech/interview, it featured former mayor Rahm Emanuel. It wasn’t received very well – except for radio consultants of course.

Given his hated for Chicago, you’re wondering why Trump is here in the first place.

Simple. Trump came here for a re-election fundraiser luncheon at his namesake building co-sponsored by Cubs co-owner Tom Ricketts – you know, the one who took games off of broadcast TV so he can make more money with his new Marquee Sports Network in partnership with Sinclair Broadcasting, a broadcaster known for right-leaning commentaries on its local newscasts.

The event drew around 250 donors, with some tickets costing upwards of $100,000. Trump is now going into Democratic-friendly cities such as Minneapolis and Los Angeles to hold fundraisers and/or rallies – and of course, sticking cities with the bills. Coming here to one up his political enemies in Chicago scores with his base, signaling he can go anywhere he wants – and of course, go where the money is. Naturally, thousands of protesters showed up in front of McCormick Place and Trump Hotel Monday, but did not come close to the chaos that took place the last time he was here.

And unlike 2016 where Trump signaled his ire only toward Chicago, he has bashed other cities including Atlanta, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

But Chicago is still his go-to place to lashing out as somebody, or something. As I’ve stated in this space for the last eleven years, Trump – and basically most conservatives uses our city as a code word for “black people” and “black-on-black violence.” You have to ask why the Police Chiefs conference was being held here in the first place, given this is the city where LaQuan McDonald was gunned down by police officer Jason Van Dyke. Inviting Trump was certainly a slap in the face to residents – especially to African-Americans and other minorities, as the President has made no secret he despises them. Think of Trump and the Police Chiefs as unwanted guests coming to your house and trashing it – and leaving you stuck with the bill to clean up the mess.

Thankfully, the public is finally tired of him as support for his impeachment is growing and he was loudly booed by Washington Nationals fans at Game 5 of the World Series Sunday night with chants of “Lock Him Up”.

Chicago may not be Trump’s kind of town, but in the end we will get the last laugh as the racist-in-chief rots in a jail cell and it can’t come soon enough.


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