Be kind….re-scan

If you are an over-the-air viewer, you must do so on October 18

If you are an over-the-air television viewer, you probably know by now you have to re-scan if the numerous amount of PSAs and on-air crawls are any indication.

So in order to continue having pictures beamed onto your 50-inch Samsung Smart TV without a cable or satellite subscription, here comes another Q-and-A session brought to you by T Dog Media on what you need to do:

Q: Why do I have to re-scan on October 18?

The FCC repacked the spectrum after numerous frequencies were auctioned off in 2017 in order to free up space for more internet and wireless services (for more information on how this came to be, click here.) So if you are an over-the-air viewer, you have to rescan.

Q: Is it only Chicago stations affected?

Over-the-air viewers in some markets have to do so on Friday, but some markets already had to go through this. For example, Los Angeles-area stations rescanned on April 12 and New York stations rescanned on August 1.

Other areas who have an October 18 rescan date include Cincinnati, Dayton, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee, among others.

Q: Will I have to buy anything?

Nope. You don’t have to go out and buy nothing.

Q: So how do I re-scan?

Follow these instructions – keep in mind your set’s instructions may vary from others.

– Turn on your TV of course.

– Press Menu and go to Setup.

– Select Antenna and hit re-scan, or auto-tune.

– You’re done!

Q: I’m a cable and satellite subscriber. Will I have to re-scan?

You don’t have to do a thing because they’re making the adjustments on their end.

Q: Is that all?

Yes. If you have any more questions, go to the website. And happy TV viewing!

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2 thoughts on “Be kind….re-scan

    • WGN and WBBM are not changing, therefore you don’t need to rescan to continue to receive those channels.

      • You still need to. CBS 2 ran a crawl this evening during “Young Sheldon” telling viewers they need to do so. I saw the list of stations and it’s incomplete – that’s why I didn’t include it on here.

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