The Lite 93.9 reboots Melissa Forman’s morning show

WLIT brings back former morning personality

As you may be aware, television is all awash in “reboots” of classic TV shows these days. Now radio is doing the same with former personalities.

But this reboot a lot of Chicago radio listeners will like.

As first reported by Robert Feder, iHeartMedia-owned WLIT-FM – known as The Lite 93.9, announced it was rehiring Melissa Forman for morning drive beginning May 29.

This is actually the third time Forman has been employed at WLIT from 2001 to 2006 and again from 2007 to 2009. Forman later joined Jeanne Sparrow to host WCIU’s You and Me This Morning for eight years until the show was canceled. It was replaced by The Jam, who made news of its own last week with the exit of co-host Danielle Robay as she is returning to Los Angeles.

To make room for Forman’s return, WLIT released morning personality Kristina Kage after three years, as her contract wasn’t renewed. She joined the adult contemporary station from sister station KXJM in Portland, Ore.

The move is among one of the latest WLIT has made in order to bring back familiarity to a station and reconnect with former listeners as the station was known as My 93.9 FM over the last few years, featuring syndicated content from Sean Valentine and Mario Lopez. WLIT recently brought back long-time staple Delilah for evenings.