The 2015 T Dog Media Turkey Awards

south-park-s04e14c02-picking-a-turkey-16x9It’s that time of year again!

Welcome to the 10th annual T Dog Media Turkey Awards – awarding the worst in media, sports, and life in general. We have 22 turkeys to hand out, so let’s get going!

Chicago Media. Here’s an idea! Let’s run the video of the police shooting of Laquan McDonald over and over again so we can boost our sorry ratings! And at the same time, the family of the victim has to relieve this nightmare over and over again. In response to the atrocious coverage of the McDonald case – which included predicting the possibility of protests like it was a damn weather forecast, here’s another idea: maybe community leaders should urge the FCC to yank the licenses of the five local news stations here. The FCC action won’t happen, but it’s a thought.

The Chiraq Nonsense. Keep it here for your complete coverage about people whining over a name of a movie.

WGN-TV. During a story about the Yom Kippur holiday, the station mistakenly put up a Nazi symbol – one most offensive to the Jewish faith.

Chicago Tribune. For passing off Tom Skilling’s vacation as “Breaking News”, which yours truly called them out for.

Chicago Tribune Editorial Board. To Kristen McQueary in particular, who wrote a piece hoping Chicago would suffer the same fate New Orleans did after Katrina wrecked havoc on the city.

Mancow. As long as this imbecile is on the air here, he’ll always be on this list. What a puke.

Cumulus. Let’s see… you completely rig a morning show contest so you can bring Mantard back on the air, you employ a Kevin “Pig Virus” Methany wannabe in Jan Jeffries to run WLS-FM into the ground; and oh, your stock price is worth less than the price of a Jolly Rancher, forcing the already incompetent Dickey Brothers out. Congrats, you’ve replaced iHeartMedia as the worst radio chain the country. And I didn’t think that was possible.

Donald Trump. How can a racist, idiotic retard be eligible to run for public office? Oh, right.

Bruce Rauner. For wasting millions of dollars in TV ads to break the recent stalemate down in Springfield where the state still has no budget. Money well spent.

Chicago Blackhawks. This team hasn’t made this list in years – and not to take away from their Stanley Cup Championship, but the way management handled Patrick Kane and his rape allegations during a September press conference left a lot of be desired. It was so “Chicago Way-ish”.

Chicago White Sox. Thanks for another forgettable season.

Philadelphia 76ers. When they made the list last year, they were 0-15. This year, they’re 0-16. What an improvement!

Harold McReynolds. During the MLB playoffs, his commentary made people actually yearn for Tim McCarver.

Bastard Executioner. From the normally sharp Kurt Sutter (Sons Of Anarchy), this FX drama was a dud from the start. Over and out after one season.

Heroes: Reborn. Saying this reboot was a bad idea is like putting butter on a biscuit.

Wicked City. Bonnie and Clyde were antagonists and were interesting (real-life) characters. The antagonists in this show were more like cardboard cutouts with no personality. Season’s first cancellation.

Truth Be Told. An awful, unwatchable NBC sitcom – oh wait, there’s plenty of those.

CSI: Cyber. Already a waste of airtime when it debuted last spring, a recent open showed a man getting attacked by a power drill.

Life In Pieces. Four stories, one ending – hey didn’t Seinfeld do this? And a whole lot better?

The Muppets. Thought setting this classic in a more adult setting would generate lots of laughs. Boy was I wrong.

Best Time Ever. Yours truly likes Neil Patrick Harris, a very talented guy. But this went off the rails quick. More like Worst Time Ever.

People who use terms like “Too much TV” and “Peak TV”. Your plane is boarding.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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