WLUP launches morning show search

mqdefaultIn order to find its next morning superstar, Cumulus’ classic rocker WLUP-FM is holding open auditions for the next few weeks.

Beginning Monday, “The Loop 97.9 Morning Show Search” begins, with four different sets of hosts will have a one-week tryout during the month of February from 6 to 9 am each weekday morning. At the end of the month, listeners vote online on WLUP.com on who was the best. The personality was the highest rating given by Internet users becomes the station’s new morning host.

Think of it as “Morning Show Idol”.

Unlike the overrated karaoke contest, they’ll be no judges and no singing – meaning no spaced-out Paula Abdul making rambling comments or Simon Cowell giving overbearing opinions.

And best of all – no Ryan Seacrest.

WLUP kept a lid on who’ll try out, but two names surfaced other the last few days and have been confirmed via social media: former Sirius/XM host Abe Kanan and former WLUP personality Liz Wilde. Kanan is on the first week, and be bringing on his brother Sam, former Q101 jock Ryan Manno, and producer Dan “Bess” Levy, who previously worked for The Game.

Other rumored names to fill the last two slots include Erich “Mancow” Mueller, Richard Roeper, and Dan McNeil. Should McNeil try out, he may have the best at the job given his knowledge of classic rock in addition to his sports background. Another possible good fit would be Mancow – that is, if he doesn’t do the same show he has been¬†doing. (yes, I can’t believe I said it either…)

Of course, yours truly tweeted out his own mock list. (Let’s just be grateful no one takes yours truly seriously.)


While its hard to say who would have the edge in the court of public opinion, one name popped up often in the comments section on Robert Feder’s blog regarding the contest – one name not likely to try out…. Jonathon Brandmeier, who held stay in morning drive at the Loop twice.