Rihanna rips into The Church Of Tisch

RihannaIt looks like Rihanna has run afoul of The Church Of Tisch.

The award-winning singer wasn’t happy about CBS pulling her cover of Jay-Z’s Run This Town from the intro of Thursday Night Football telecast last week, a game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens due to the toned-down atmosphere after the Ray Rice scandal. And so she sent this not-so-nice tweet, summarizing her feelings about the matter:

The tweet obviously didn’t sit well with Black Rock and Pastor Les Moonves. Later, CBS announced the network was not using her song at all on any future Thursday Night Football telecasts.

Somewhere in hell, former CBS owner Larry Tisch is smiling with glee.

For those of not familiar with the phrase “The Church Of Tisch”, I coined it back in 2008 when then-WBBM-TV GM Joe Ahern tried to hit up employees to pay for his lunch tab when he couldn’t cover the bill – much like when ushers pass around a collection plate at church. Laurence “Larry” Tisch was a buffoonish penny-penching cheapskate who cut back spending at CBS back in the ’80’s and ’90’s, leading the network to lose NFL rights to Fox back in 1993.

CBS removed Rihanna’s song from the opening in part due to the continuing Ray Rice saga, with the now-former Raven player caught on tape hitting his fiancee (now wife) in an elevator in an Atlantic City casino earlier this year. Rice was cut from the team after a second version of the video was obtained by TMZ and released and showed a clearer view of the attack.

A CBS spokesperson admitted the Rice saga played a role in removing Rihanna’s song from the telecast – not to mention Rihanna’s own controversy stemming from a domestic violence incident in 2009 with then-boyfriend Chris Brown.

Perhaps Rihanna should’ve asked someone about crossing Pastor Les, such as Amy Jacobson or Ahern.

Or WISH in Indianapolis. When the LIN Media-owned station refused to put more money in Pastor Moonves’ collection plate (in the form of increased reverse compensation), and got kicked out of The Church, with Tribune Media’s WTTV to take its place. Other CBS affiliates owned by LIN and Media General had to agree to Pastor Les’ shakedown demands to stay in The Church.

Ol’ Larry The Cheapskate would be proud. Nice to see things haven’t changed much at CBS since 1986 with the same ineptness and greed running rampant.

There is a silver lining in all of this for Rihanna: if her song was used every week, CBS would’ve made her foot the bill for the Entertainment President’s lunch.