Mancow off the air at WCKG

Mancow Mueller’s run on west suburban WCKG-AM has come to an end – for now.

According to a local media website, Mancow’s syndicated morning radio show has parted ways with its distributor, TRN. WCKG, which has aired Mancow since 2011, has replaced him with a rerun of Alex Jones’s syndicated show according to the station’s website – which now features no mention of Mancow. There is no word on whether or not Mancow would return to WCKG if the show picks up another syndicator.

These developments also puts the future of Mancow’s local morning TV show in question (the last two hours of his radio morning show aired locally over WPWR-TV.) In October 2013, Mancow’s 6-8 a.m. show only averaged a 0.2 household rating and a 1 share, up from a 0.075 rating infomericals and various other programming earned in October 2012 (Mancow premiered on October 22, 2012.)

A midnight repeat on WPWR earned the same 0.2/1, flat from what syndicated fare earned in the time slot in October 2012.

Mancow’s show tapes at WFLD’s studios, which sits in the lobby of the 205 N. Michigan building. Fox owns WFLD and WPWR.

A late-night weekend edition airs Saturday nights at 11:30 p.m. on WFLD.

Back in November, Mancow created a firestorm after he ripped into Chicago for its high crime rate and lackluster schools in a Chicago Tribune interview, announcing he was leaving the city for a north suburb.  And this came days after Daily Show host Jon Stewart – who is the complete political opposite of Mancow, ripped into the city for its deep-dish pizza, generating a similar backlash.  As you probably guessed, Mancow’s shock jock rant didn’t help raise ratings for his show – on radio or TV. At this point, there is no reason to believe his show will continue after this season.

When they ask in the future why Mancow’s TV show was canceled, the photo I took today in front of his studio (Mancow’s people drew the drapes when I was there – its in the center of the picture) explains it all.

Too bad for the tables and chairs. They were a great audience.

To borrow a phrase from TV Media Insights’ Marc Berman…. tick, tock, the cancellation clock is ticking on Everybody Loves Mancow.


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      • Mancow is nothing but a tool. He may have spoke the truth (according to you), but he did so in an alienating and over the top manner, to shock people and piss them off like he always does. Good riddance.

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