Comic-Con, Day 4: Dan Harmon and “Breaking Bad” wrap it up

dan harmon as ironman
Dan Harmon as – or was – IronMan.

Comic-Con wrapped up on Sunday with the triumphant return of Dan Harmon and a farewell to Breaking Bad.

At the Community Comic-Con panel (see below), Harmon talked about being way from the show for the fourth season – and a la David Letterman when he’s made a mistake, continuing to apologize – to fans for his criticism of it. The Milwaukee native also talked about Donald Glover’s sudden departure , and challenges for Community’s fifth season, which begins in midseason 2014 and trying to sixth-season renewal (and a movie.)

Being in huge Hall H called for a special introduction from Harmon – so he arrived at the panel in an Iron Man suit. Robert Downey Jr. must be proud.

Though not announced at Comic-Con, there is some good news for Chicago-area fans of Community: WCIU has picked up the local syndication rights to the show, and will begin stripping the sitcom weeknights at 9:30 p.m. beginning September 16.

The full panel:

AMC’s Breaking Bad returned to the Con for the final time as the series wraps up it run. the panel got rave reviews from fans and critics alike as the cast and crew (who held another panel at TCA on Friday) discussed the series’ final episodes, moderated by Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick. It’s better to show you than to tell you, so here’s the entire panel:

You can say Under The Dome is nothing more than a rip-off of a plot point from The Simpsons Movie (well, yours truly does.) But you can’t deny that the series based on the Stephen King book has been a big hit for CBS and partner Amazon. As the cast and crew stumbled and bumbled their way through the panel, actress Rachelle Leferve noted: “Television needs a lot of strong female characters who are reacting to the male characters around them.” (and one of the characters’ name on the show is Barbie. Keep that in mind.)

Dome is being released on DVD this fall, and is available (with one new episode per week) on Amazon Instant Video after its airing on CBS. Here’s highlights from the panel, split into two parts and it follows after a commercial:

Other Comic-Con news:

DuckTales– Remember DuckTales? A videogame based on the syndicated animated strip was released in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) from Capcom and went on to sell more than a million copies. Thanks to developer WayForward and Capcom, the game is being re-released as DuckTales Remastered, announced at Comic-Con.
Originally an 8-bit game, improvements included transferring images into high-definition, adding more characters into gameplay, and remixing the game’s sound. DuckTales Remastered is scheduled to be released on August 13 as a digital download for the Nintendo Wii U eShop, PC, PlayStation Network, and September 11 for Xbox Live Arcade. A console game is also planned for release for PS 3.

DuckTales premiered in 1987 as a syndicated animated strip and became one of the initial offerings in The Disney Afternoon when it was launched in 1990. Afternoon became a very successful two-hour block of animated programs from Buena Vista Television targeted to kids, but became a source of tension between Disney and Fox (they would sue each other) as some of its affiliates downgraded DuckTales and Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers into morning time periods when the network launched its own afternoon animated block the same year.

And that’s a wrap for T Dog Media’s Comic-Con coverage for 2013. See you next year!