The classiest front page ever

The Tribune's classy tribute.
The Tribune’s classy tribute (click to enlarge).

Usually, this website takes well-deserved shots at Chicago and national media outlets. But the Chicago Tribune’s salute to Boston in Tuesday’s sports section (see the photo to the left – click to enlarge) was the epitome of class.

As you certainly know by now, two bombs went off near the finish line at the Boston Marathon Monday, killing three people and injured more than 100 people, about fifteen of them critically. No one has claimed responsibility, and no one is in custody.

Mike Kellans, who is the Tribune’s associate sports managing editor, talks with Ed Sherman of The Sherman Report about how the front page tribute to Boston came together.

Boston has survived crises before (i.e., the busing-related racial strife of the 1970’s and racial tensions during the Charles Stuart case), and will do so here – because we have faith in the good people of Boston, and we’re praying for them. And to the Chicago Tribune Sports department: well done.

Today, we are all fans of Boston. Hang in there, Beantown – we’re with you every step of the way.