TCA: CBS has a “Job” for you

The cast of “Golden Boy”

The Church of Tisch opened its portion of TCA press tour with three of their properties including CBS, who claimed they are “the most watched network”. Network chief Nina Tassler addressed the critics in her CBS executive session:

– On the issue of TV violence, Tassler remarked it was important not to pit one show against the other, stating the issue of violence is a much bigger issue. Tassler took umbrage over rival NBC chief Bob Greenblatt singling out CBS’ Criminal Minds for violent content. Tassler said the recent tragedy in Sandy Hook should not interfere with the pilot development process.

– Despite the controversy over Angus T. Jones slamming Two And A Half Men, Tassler said he would be welcome back to the show should it return to the eleventh season. CBS wants the show back for the 2013-14 season, given the solid ratings performance on Thursday, thanks to its Big Bang Theory lead-in. And speaking of Sheldon and Co., Tassler believes Big Bang’s recent success – the last two original airings nearly drew 20 million viewers – is being driven by the series between stripped in syndication and on TBS (generally, ratings for network shows usually drop when they enter off-net syndication.) Tassler also said long-running comedy How I Met Your Mother is likely coming back for a ninth season.

– Finally, Tassler unveiled a new project set to air this summer with the adaption of a best-selling novel from Stephen King titled Under The Dome. The serialized series is scheduled to run for thirteen episodes, but the last time CBS ran a series in this manner was Harper’s Island, and everyone knew how that turned out.

Onto the panels:

– Mark Burnett unveiled his latest new reality project at TCA called The Job. In this show, job seekers have a chance to win full-time positions at America’s leading companies. But don’t look for the typical reality TV staples of humiliation and embarrassment: Burnett said The Job will be free of those elements, as he believes public humiliation stunts are on the way out. Hosted by Lisa Ling, The Job premieres February 8.

– CBS also unveiled new Friday night cop drama Golden Boy, with Theo James and Chi McBride talking to critics at the panel. In the show, Theo James’ character becomes the youngest person to ever become police commissioner of New York. However, there’s going to be a long wait as the series is planning to take place in real time: Golden Boy plans to document how he exactly achieved that goal one year at time, all the way to the seventh season (if it lasts that long.) Judging by the buzz – at least by CBS standards – we viewers might have a seat at James’ swearing in ceremony.

-The 55th Annual Grammys Awards are on Feb. 10, but with lowered exceptions since last year’s show – which outdrew the Academy Awards – came on the heels of Whitney Houston’s death, but CBS exec Ken Erlich – who was at the Grammy panel along with Neil Portnow of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences and host LL Cool J – said other factions, including the return of Adele from throat surgery, and a performance of Paul McCartney also fueled ratings. The trio also defended the move to eliminate some Grammy categories, because doing so made the awards show more streamlined (a better way to streamilne the show from last year was to eliminate Nicki Manaj’s stupid segment.)

Portnow also addressed if the show would ever return to New York City (the Grammys have been held in L.A. for the last decade.) Portnow said the reason was because of Madison Square Garden’s renovation but many believe its a feud with Mayor Michael Bloomberg is the main reason for keeping the Grammys out of New York.

– Did I skip anything? Oh yeah, they held a panel for that stupid detective show that airs on Thursday nights after Person Of Interest. I think it was called Animal Practice or Allen Gregory, or something.


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