“Jeremy Kyle” canceled

And other syndication news of note

With NATPE looming around the corner, activity in the first-run syndication business for 2013 has certainly picked up. Here’s the latest:

-As reported by Broadcasting & Cable Tuesday, Debmar-Mercury pulled the plug on first-run syndicated talker “conflict” talker The Jeremy Kyle Show after two low-rated seasons. Kyle, a British personality who does a similar show for Great Britain’s ITV, never was able to translate his overseas popularity into strong American viewership. Despite Debmar-Mercury’s glowing exit comments on Kyle (have you ever read such BS?), the show’s conflict format did not mesh with other programming on some of Fox’s owned-and-operated stations (including WFLD and WPWR here.)

The program in its second season averaged a 0.5 household live same day rating. Debmar-Mercury’s other show with the Fox stations (Wendy Williams) is renewed through 2014. Jeremy Kyle’s talk show is the second sophomore series to get the ax; Anderson Cooper’s show was canceled a few weeks ago.

– And this comes as Warner Bros.’ new TMZ Live is being expanded to all seventeen Fox owned-and-operated stations beginning next fall. So far, the series is airing in a handful of Fox O&O markets, including WFLD in Chicago, where it airs at 2 p.m. In a rare move, Warner is selling the show on an all-cash basis, meaning stations get to keep all ad inventory.

– I guess you can say Maury meets People’s Court? MGM recently announced a new first-run strip titled Paternity Court where lawyer Lauren Lake presides over cases of paternity disputes using DNA evidence and DNA tests to determine who belongs to who. Chicago’s WCIU purchased the show for daytime, in addition to the Sinclair, CBS, and Tribune station groups.

Paternity Court marks MGM’s return to the original first-run strip business, where it been absent for quite some time (anyone remember 1996’s Bradshaw Project? Yours truly believes that was MGM’s last first-run strip.)

– Third time’s a charm? Judge Karen Mills-Francis is once again employed in the courtroom show business, thanks to Entertainment Studios. As reported by TV Media Insights, she’s returning in Supreme Justice with Judge Karen, a new first-run strip being pitched for fall. Karen had two short-lived shows from Sony (2008-09) and Litton Entertainment (2010-11). Clearances have yet to be announced.

– Where former ESPN personalities go to… um, work: Thea Andrews is joining the cast of omg!Insider, the reboot of CBS Television Distribution’s first-run entertainment news strip when it debuts on January 7 at 6 p.m. over WCIU. She’ll be co-anchoring aside Kevin Frazier, another former ESPN alum. Andrews replaces Brooke Anderson, who shifts over to Entertainment Tonight as reporter. Insider was originally hosted Pat O’ Brien in 2004 and was replaced by Lara Spencer, who departed the show after she was passed up for the ET co-hosting gig after Mary Hart retired.

– She didn’t win the million dollars on the most recent edition of Survivor (which deserves to be the comeback show of the year after last spring’s disastrous edition), but Lisa Whelchel – best known for playing Blair Warner on The Facts Of Life gets a consolation prize – she gets to be Jeff Probst’s guest co-host for a few weeks on his low-rated talk show (yeah, some prize. I’d rather have the Turtle Wax.) But given the recent news of layoffs on the show, Jeff Probst days in daytime might be numbered. Warm up the bus…

And by the way – Lisa played the best game and should have won.


10 thoughts on ““Jeremy Kyle” canceled

    • Shame. I loved Jeremy’s show, as he’s one of the few who actually had the guts to say what a lot of us are most likely thinking when it comes to the guests! Now all we’ll have are hosts who make it blatently obvious they take sides (Maury, I’m looking in your direction.)

      Ah well, at least there’s still Steve Wilkos!

      • Poor Jeremy just didn’t translate well in the U.S. I watched him a couple of times and as a British person living in Florida I was so upset at how inane he is – I am glad his show has gone but he is still on in England and any of these shows I cannot believe real people go on these shows be they Wilkos, et al.

    • I am totally elated your show is being cancelled. It should have never left the UK. You seem to select the most ignorant people to have on the show that obviously have very little intelligence and morals. As a black educated male I find you to be insulting and if you ever talked to me in your stupid ignorant manner personally, I would beat your ass.

    • i liked jeremy kyle’s show and i thoroughly dislike the kirk fox show” the test”. he has no personality at all. he can’t even talk right.
      he’s a “comedian” trying to do something serious and it shows.

    • sorry this so was cancelled. I went to two tapings because it was easy to get tickets. oh well

    • Jeremy YOU WILL BE MISSED! Lol at these angry scared people that are venting “online” about your show. “how bumpy” of them lol

    • Some people need a reality check

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