T Dog’s Six Pack: A second term


The T Dog Media Six Pack is back! Yes the roundup of winners and losers in the media business has an election theme as the race for the White House is over…

Landslide victories

Barack Obama. Okay, it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park for our 44th President, but his defeat of challenger Mitt Romney to win a second term was resounding. Congratulations, Mr. President, you’ve earned this.

Rick O’Dell. An all-around great guy, O’Dell would get my vote for the person whose passion for radio is unparallelled – despite not actually being on terrestrial radio. On Monday, he launched a new Internet radio station (SmoothJazzChicago.net) devoted to the Smooth Jazz format, which was abandoned by two local radio stations in the last four years. A twenty-five year veteran of local radio, O’Dell  is taking up a six-hour midday shift, in addition to operating the venture. Best of luck to him!

Nashville, Elementary, Chicago Fire get full-season pickups. All three dramas get a full-season pickup, with Elementary getting the plum post-Super Bowl slot in February. In Elementary’s case, I demand a recount!

Voted out of office.

Republicans. Not all Repubs were voted out of office of course, but when the face of your party is a woman-hating racist scumball like Rush Limbaugh, well, let’s say you reap what you sow.

Those political ads. With the elections now over, those annoying political ads are being replaced – by annoying Christmas ones featuring national jewelery chains and cars with red bows on top of them. And besides, isn’t Jared some guy who is supposed to sell sandwiches?

The broadcast nets’ new shows. With ratings down nine percent from last season overall – and down ten percent in the adults 18-49 demo, the major networks may now have to give make-goods (free advertising, baby!) because of the audience shortfalls. Viewers are voting with their remotes to go to cable  – but just like a rigged election, the broadcasters are always going to get the benefit of the doubt from media buyers, thanks to a broken system. Little wonder why most of this year’s crop of crappy new shows haven’t gone off the air yet – and in some cases, getting full-season renewals. Broadcast network prime-time = radio industry = same f*cking mindset.

By the way, The T Dog Media Cancellation Bus has been sold for scrap metal. Yep, the Cancellation Bus was itself canceled.