T Dog’s Think Tank: Comcast’s “donation” to MBC


In an item posted in Chicagoland Radio & Media about two weeks ago, Comcast Corporation announced it was making a $2.7 million donation to the Museum of Broadcast Communications to help open the new facility at the southwest corner of State and Kinzie in the River North neighborhood (immediately north of the Loop and Downtown Chicago.)

The deal includes renaming the main presentation area in the museum “The Comcast NBCUniversal Center”; to produce a short presentation for the new center that explains traditional media’s role in the shaping of American society; and NBC News donating $200,000 to help finish exhibits (you can click on the link above for more information.)

This is all great. This wonderful museum will finally open after all these years when it looked like it wouldn’t open at all.

Huh? What’s that? You say something doesn’t add up? Oh, you are wondering about the other $2.5 million, aren’t you?

A poster on the CRM message board (and was verified by Larz) pointed out the $2.5 million Comcast was donating was in the form of free thirty-second commercial spots to run on their cable systems – $500,000 worth of ads a year for five years. In other words, these amount to nothing more than public service announcements, or PSAs.

And the thread also pointed out the $200,000 cash donation made by a NEWS organization is the only currency they will see coming out of this deal. Furthermore, the museum names their main presentation center after one of the worst-run cable companies in America and a still-bumbling, stumbling network still stuck in fourth place who is still recovering from the Jay Leno-Conan O’ Brien late night debacle in 2010, which generated a lot of negative publicity for NBC.

Yes, you’ve gotta to love the idea of half-million dollars of PSAs a year for the museum – only to be ignored by the public or skipped over by their DVRs, where as the money donated would have been better spent trying to get this place open after nearly a decade. Way to go, Bruce Dumont on whoring your museum to the Broad Street Bullies from Philadelphia and the Peacock. Who negotiated this deal, Jay Leno?

And the news of this is perfect timing – since Comcast NBCUniversal was listed as one of the supporters of the much-maligned Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) – not to mention a racial discrimination lawsuit filed against Comcast over the treatment of African-American employees at its garage in the city’s Pullman neighborhood (too bad this suit wasn’t filed before the Comcast – NBCUniversal merger took place – this suit would have stop this deal dead in its tracks. Yeah, right.)

Ah, there’s nothing like buying $2.7 million worth of good publicity – if you can call it that – not to mention a HUGE tax write-off for Comcast. And Bruce DuMont was the perfect sap to fall for it. Taking nearly a decade to open this museum pretty much says it all.

But wait! This gets better. In order to secure the $2.7 million in funding, the Museum of Broadcast Communications had to agree to some other demands Comcast and NBC wanted:

On opening night, the museum bar is being staffed by cast members of Are You There, Chelsea?

All future events at the museum are to be moderated by the NHL on NBC’s Pierre McGuire.

Future inductees must include Ryan Seacrest, Whitney Cummings, and Chelsea Handler.

A section of the museum dedicated to classic NBC smash hits My Mother The Car, Hello Larry, Pink Lady and Jeff, and Coupling.

An exhibit celebrating the final three seasons of Heroes with a statue of creator Tim Kring.

Required to hold bug eating and urine drinking contests every Saturday morning at the Fear Factor exhibit.

Hire Sheriff Lobo as head of security.

Order a plaque to hang on lobby wall proclaiming Ben “Party All The Time” Silverman and his “dad” Fred Silverman as the “Greatest NBC Programers of All Time.” Rename the lobby the Limo-For-A -Lamo Wing.

A tribute to Dateline NBC where its only crowning journalistic achievement was rigging a truck to explode.

Hold Real Housewives of Atlanta panels at the Comcast NBC Universal Center and have the cast bitch-slap everyone in attendance.

The eight-to-ten minute introductory video presentation is to be hosted by the cast of Whitney.

Establishment of The Khloe Kardashian Fund, where students with no talent can land radio gigs for an hour a day. The deal also calls for Khloe Kardashian to be inducted in the Radio Hall of Fame.

An escalator dedicated to former NBC boss Jeff Zucker, leading right into the utility room in the basement.

An exhibit dedicated to NBC’s greatest feat ever: Fleecing Conan O’ Brien out of a job as host of The Tonight Show in favor of a returning Jay Leno.

Speaking of Leno, here’s another exhibit celebrating The Jay Leno Show, network television’s first prime-time strip in fifty years which lasted an amazing 21 weeks on the air.

Hold To Catch A Predator tapings at the Comcast NBCUniversal Center where morons are lured in by sexy teenage girls and host Chris Hansen laughs in their faces.

The deal also calls for Bruce Dumont to step down as Chairman of the MBC and to automatically give the reins to Bravo CEO Andy Cohen.

God help us all.

As you probably have figured it out by now, the list of demands weren’t really true – but it might as well be.