T Dog’s Six Pack: Short and to the point

A quick wrap-up of the week that was in media:


WGN Radio. Jonathan Brandmeier’s arrival to the storied 720 is sure to bring back the entertainment value back to the station in the morning, a la Wally Phillips and Bob Collins. Now, just don’t screw it up.

NBA Fans, TNT, and ESPN. The lockout’s over and pro basketball is back – and the
networks who carry them are more than pleased.

The cancellation of Allen Gregory. Fox gave us all an early Christmas present with the dumping of the worst sitcom of all time. (sorry, Secret Girlfriend.) A shoo-in to make the T Dog Media TV Hall Of Shame, Allen Gregory makes According to Jim and My Mother The Car look like Emmy winners. On the other hand…


Fox. According to analysts at Fox Business Channel, The Muppets are Communists while WFLD’s Robin Robinson says there’s no Santa Claus. You’re a mean one, Uncle Rupert.

Chicago Sun-Times. Would you pay $7 a month for online access – i.e. the same headaches (pop-up ads, broken links, etc.) you would get for free? I didn’t think so.

America’s Next Top Model. A bizarre ending to the latest cycle of Tyra Banks’ low-rated modeling competition – which resulted in a contestant suddenly being disqualified after a commercial break. While Top Model’s producers aren’t commenting, rumor has it that one of the final three girls on the show later leaked out spoilers on social media platforms – forcing the producers to re-shoot the final scene of the modeling competition. Oops…

Since winning America’s Next Top Model doesn’t automatically guarantee a career in modeling, they decided to offer a prize more suitable for the show: a job anchoring a WFLD-TV newscast.