Sony cancels “The Nate Berkus Show”

Sony Pictures Television and Harpo Studios announced on Friday it was not going forward with a third season of The Nate Berkus Show. The series will finish out the current season and produce all episodes it was contracted for.

The cancellation was first reported on Broadcasting & Cable’s website early Friday evening.

Nate Berkus rose to fame as Oprah Winfrey’s interior decorator, leading to appearances on her show and eventually his own daytime talk show strip produced by Harpo Productions, Ms. Winfrey’s production company.

Berkus’ show was cleared on NBC-owned stations (including WMAQ-TV in Chicago) in a three-year deal. But weak ratings throughout its run hurt the series, and its fate was sealed when NBC elected to replace Berkus with new talk shows from Jeff Probst and Steve Harvey (distributed by NBC Universal) next fall. Look for Steve Harvey’s show to air at 2 p.m. on WMAQ next September, the slot Berkus holds now.

So far this season, Berkus only averaged 1.4 million viewers and was tied for eleventh place with The Wendy Williams Show among all syndicated talk show strips.

Nate Berkus’ show is one of only two strips perceived to be on the bubble – the other is CBS Television Distribution’s dating show Excused, whose ultra-low ratings (and a recent downgrade by WCIU from 11 p.m. to midnight) suggests this series also might not make it to September 2012 (obviously to the delight of writer Ken Levine. Is the T Dog Media TV Hall Of Shame calling? Plenty room for more…)


7 thoughts on “Sony cancels “The Nate Berkus Show”

    • So, so sad to hear this news! I am a HUGE fan of The Nate Burkus Show! I wish it wasn’t so, he is insarational and his guests are amazing too. His design skills are always inspiring. There isn’t another show On TV I watch as I do his!

      • When the NBC-owned stations signed on for Steve Harvey’s and Jeff Probst’s new talk shows, it was a no-brainer Nate Berkus would be shown the door, even in year two of a three-year deal. His show wasn’t bad – it was well produced and had a great set. Unfortunately, it didn’t translate to higher ratings.

      • I’m shocked! Why do they always cancel the good shows? I know so many people from all walks of life who love The Nate Burkus Show. His show is entertaining and informative. Once again it will probably be replaced with some brain numbing crap that no one wants. Does the public have any say as to what they would like to see on TV?
        I will miss you Nate. I hope you will do something else on TV. maybe on a network who knows what they’re doing!

      • I am so sad that they are cancellling this show. I have my pick of watching a zillion talk shows none of which I like and only one informative show. It shows a varity of information from cooking to cleaning. The guest are great and you can LEARN something for every show no matter what sex or age. Shame on you Fox for cancelling the only thing left on daytime that was NOT a TALK show with the hosts yacking and talking over each other the whole show.

    • Was a great show.

    • Is a great dedigner. And the only designing show that had real guest and a real love for people. I will be looking firward

    • I am so sad. I loved Nate’s show and watched regularly. What is his next project??

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