DirecTV, Fox come to deal (updated)

But no Belo deal…yet

In good news for fans of Sons And Anarchy and soccer, DirecTV and News Corp. have come to a deal to continue to carry all nineteen Fox cable channels on their system, according to TVNewscheck.

The deal is only for the cable channels and not for other News Corp. entities, such as their owned-and-operated broadcast stations, as Fox has used them as leverage in their battle with DirecTV, with ads and a website stating they would also lose those channels down the road. Fox O&Os’ carriage¬† agreement with DirecTV expires at the end of the year (UPDATE: According to Deadline Hollywood, the new Fox-DirecTV deal does indeed include all 26 Fox-owned and My Network TV stations and Fox News Channel.)

Meanwhile, DirecTV still has no deal with Dallas-based Belo, as the November 1 deadline approaches. If no deal is struck by midnight, Belo-owned stations such as WFAA in Dallas and KMOV in St. Louis would be off DirecTV systems. (UPDATE: A deal was struck Tuesday, keeping Belo’s stations on DirecTV.)


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