T Dog’s Six Pack: Pigskin!

Today’s six-pack has somewhat of a football theme in honor of today’s big game! Time for kickoff…


WFLD. Yes, you read this right! According to Chicago Business, Fox-owned WFLD scored a whopping 43.2 household rating for last Sunday’s Divisional Playoff between the Seattle Seahawks and the Chicago Bears, and the number should certainly go higher for this Sunday’s NFC Championship Game between the Bears and longtime nemesis Green Bay Packers, which has already matched (and exceeded) the hype of a Yankees-Red Sox playoff series. Meanwhile, with the return of American Idol Wednesday night, WFLD scored a higher-than-normal 5.0 household rating and a 8 share for its 9 p.m. newscast, which usually hovers around a 1.7 rating.

Big Media. Whatever Big Media wants – they get. And that was proven again this week after the FCC approved the merger between Comcast and NBC Universal. Thanks for nothing, President Obama.

Hubbard Broadcasting. But not all deals are bad ones…. Hubbard Broadcasting’s decision to purchase Bonneville’s Midwestern stations (including WTMX, WILV, and WDRV in Chicago) was a winning strategic move on the part of both parties, with Bonneville focusing on the Western U.S. and Hubbard expanding its reach to Chicago and other Midwestern markets. Let’s hope Hubbard Broadcasting doesn’t hire former Vikings coach Brad Childress to run these stations.


Keith Olbermann. After eight years, MSNBC finally cut loose the evening talk-show host who apparently wore out his welcome with management – especially after he broke rules when he gave donations to political candidates – a huge journalistic no-no.

Perfect Couples.  This could be the worst sitcom NBC has put on since Hello, Larry. Perfect Couples – the Cincinnati Bengals of sitcoms (and by the way, Hello, Larry was also set in Portland, Ore. like this show.)

PTC up in arms over MTV’s Skins. If you think the Parents Television Council is going to get congressional hearings – in an era of voters who are demanding less government in their lives – they have another thing coming. And isn’t this what some of their own members were asking for in the last elections to begin with? Maybe the PTC should re-headquarter in Illinois, where they can be taxed to death and driven out of business… hey, sounds good to me!

P.S… Skins and basically anything on MTV nowadays sucks. As yours truly pointed out here, the M in MTV now stands for Moron.