T Dog’s Six Pack: Moo & Oink

Jim Laski and Kevin Metheny: Their immortalized testament to their time together at WGN Radio. Guess which one is Metheny…



The winners and losers for the past week in local and national media. On we go:

The Winning Attitude

WGN Radio listeners. With Moo & Oink (Kevin “Pig Virus” Metheny and evening host James “Don’t Drop the Soap” Laski) now gone, maybe there’s a chance quality radio could return to WGN-AM.

The Simpsons. The venerable series was just picked up for a 23rd season by Fox, ensuring the series will pass 500 episodes and will reach 515 by May 2012. Whether it will reach 516 is another matter, though.

Ellen DeGeneres. Her hokey Warner Bros.-distributed talk show is getting a major upgrade in Boston, where ABC affiliate WCVB-TV is moving from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to replace The Oprah Winfrey Show, which is ending its run after this season. You can expect more upgrades for Ellen in the future.

The Price is Right Losing Horns

The New Hawaii Five-O. With recent ratings down 28% from what CSI: Miami earned in the time period a year ago, it may be Oh-Oh for the reboot of Hawaii Five-O (and I’m not the only one who thinks the conflict banter between McGarrett and Danno has become grating.)

Lifetime.  Maybe Lifetime should’ve consulted Patricia Arquette‘s character on the show on the way this turned out: The Walt Disney Co. took a $58 million charge against its quarterly earnings after writing off the cost of off-network repeats of Medium for Lifetime, which it part-owns with A&E.  This may explain why Lifetime recently pulled repeats of the CBS Television Distribution series off its schedule for good and CBS’ decision to cut the order of this season’s Medium from 22 to 13, basically sealing its cancellation.

Ed Sherman’s Column? Speaking of reaching heights of absurdity, you know something’s strange when this Winners and Losers column talks about another Winners and Losers column – in the Losers section. On Friday, Ed Sherman (who blogs about sports for Crain’s Chicago Business) listed only two winners in his weekly Winners and Losers column this week. Is there anything positive going on right now in the world of sports? Oh, what the heck – let’s just blame ESPN for all the problems.