TCA: CW trying to shred image as "can’t win" network

The CW was next up as part of CBS Corporation’s two days at the Television Critics Association Press Tour on Thursday (CW is part-owned by CBS.)

CW chief Dawn Ostroff spoke at an executive session with the critics on Thursday. Among what was discussed:

– Overnight ratings weren’t relative anymore. Maybe not, since their ratings aren’t that good to begin with.

– CW was the first network to use Twitter and Facebook (and in other news, I got up today.)

– Noted America’s Next Top Model begins its 15th cycle by focusing on the “High Fashion World”, which meant the other fourteen were focused on something else.

– Ostroff avoided  answering questions on One Tree Hill’s future, which is the second oldest-tenured show on The CW’s tenure, behind Smallville, which CW did confirm it is in its final season.

– She also said CW doesn’t have the resources to promote new reality series Plain Jane or CBC import 18 to Life this summer. How can a network acquire two series and then don’t have the resources to prmote them? And you can see why CW is in the shape it is in.

– Remarked Supernatural will be “hunting something different every week.”  To which the San Francisco Chronicle’s Tim Goodman twittered on @BastardMachine “Ratings”.

Nikita: The remake of USA Network ’90’s hit (name Le Femme Nikita) features Maggie Q (not related to ’80’s pop star Stacey Q) who is your heroine who kicks a lot of ass. But the question yours truly is asking is, didn’t Jessica Alba do the same in Dark Angel? Didn’t Jennifer garner do the same in Alias? What makes this show any different? But Nikita should do well for CW (and would pick up a few male viewers as well.)

Next up was Hellcats, which is a show about a college student who is forced to join a cheelerleading squad to pay for her education. Think Bring It On meets Felicity. Executive Producer Kevin Murphy (of Caprica fame) told Rob Owen of the Pittsburgh Gazette-Journal the series was inspired by 1980’s movies (like Flashdance) that dealt with hardship and making tough choices.

Finally, CW made a important announcement regarding Gossip Girl at the press tour: It was filming two episodes in Paris! When the announcement was made, critics were playing Solitaire on their laptops, which was no doubt more exciting.

Next up: NBC