Comic-Con 2010 – Day 1

The annual fanboy and fangirl fest wrapped up Day One in San Diego Thursday and here are some highlights – T Dog Media style!:

– Flick fans had plenty of panels to attend and choose from at Comic-Con’s Opening Day on Thursday. One of the panels involved Angelina Jolie’s new movie Salt, who had the fans whooping it up. Jolie plays a CIA agent in the flick (which opened Friday), and yes, she does her own stunts. Yowser.

On the other hand, fans of Peter Jackson and his troubled project The Hobbit, didn’t have it nearly as good. The movie’s future is in doubt, thanks to MGM’s perilous financial situation (MGM co-owns the film with Warner Bros.) The plan now is to release the movie in 2012, but by then, hardly anyone will give a sh*t.

– And guess what? Tron is coming back with a new movie for the first time in 28 years, titled Tron: Legacy (you can view the trailer here.) Really, did anyone see this the first time this came out? (Okay, a lot of people did, but who would admit it?)

– On to the TV side: USA Network had two panels on Thursday – one for Burn Notice, the other for Psych.

For Burn Notice, a prequel is being planned with the movie being shot in-between seasons four and five. Star Bruce Campbell is participating, and his character in the prequel heads to Latin America on a mission. (Meanwhile, repeats of Burn Notice were recently sold in weekend broadcast syndication in 60% of the country, including the Fox O&Os.) Psych creator Steve Franks said a movie is a possibility – for the right price. But for now, they’re preceding for the next season of the show, with guest stars Chi Bride, Vanessa Minnillo, and CSI’s Adam Rodriguez.

While there isn’t a Lost panel this year at Comic-con, that doesn’t mean the show isn’t being talked about – the series finale is still generating a lot of chatter. Creator J.J. Abrams defended the controversial ending to the popular series, praising co-creators Carlteon Cuse and Damon Lindelof. Abrams made his comments at a panel with Buffy and Dr. Horrible creator Joss Wheadon, who confirmed he was directing the big screen adaption of the 1960’s TV series The Avengers. (actually, it’s a superhero movie due for release in 2012. Don’t look for a remake of the UK TV series anytime soon…)

AMC held a panel Thursday for its Walking Dead project, which debuts in October (no, its not about the Cubs.) Based on the popular comic strip and graphic novel, it tells about a group of individuals who survive an zombie apocalypse (I guess this is about the Cubs after all…) The trailer must’ve been good – they showed it twice.

– Check out these posters for NBC’s Chuck and CW’s new action drama Nikita. Place your money on which show will get canceled first…

-CBS announced hot teen sensation Justin Bieber will guest star in the season premiere episode of CSI this September. Not a Comic-Con item because the subject is, um… Justin Bieber.

Finally, the Westboro Baptist Church and their leader Fred Phelps led a protest against Comic-Con saying the convention is anti-religious and promotes homosexaulity.

You think the geeks of the world would take this lying down, right? Well, check out these awesome pics on how they counter-protest – geek style!

In a world filled with racism, poverty, gang violence, environmental problems, hunger, and many other injustices, the Westboro Baptist “Church” couldn’t have picked a better topic – geeks attending Comic-Con. So, I suppose we’ll see them protesting at a garden show next weekend?