T Dog’s Six Pack

Yes, T Dog’s Four Pack is back! But due to the struggling economy (ha, ha), yours truly is forced to cut one each from the winners’ pack and the losers’ pack – and merge the rest together to form T Dog’s Six Pack – three winners and three losers each in the same post – plus, Six Pack is a catcher name, anyway…

What’s Hot:

– World Cup Soccer. The U.S. may have lost to Ghana, but the game was the big winner Saturday afternoon, drawing nearly 15 million viewers for ABC and now ranks as the highest-rated Men’s soccer telecast of all time.

– Hot in Cleveland. Yes, there is something hot in Cleveland other than LeBron James! This new sitcom from TV Land featuring Betty White drew an average of 4.1 million viewers in its first two airings, defeating TBS’ heavily-hyped Are We There Yet?, a new sitcom in the Everybody Loves To Hate Chris Payne & His House Of Kids mold.

– YouTube wins first round against Viacom in copyright suit. The video-sharing site owned by Google won a round in court against The V of Doom, saying Google is protected from Viacom’s copyright-infringement claims. For more information on the ruling, click here.

What’s Not:

Steve Cochran exits WGN Radio. Didn’t care much for the guy or his show, but his exit (he said on Facebook he was canned after coming from the bathroom) is just another symbol of the change sweeping the station led by the Court Jester and Pig Virus.

– Downfall. A new ABC  game show featuring stuff thrown off the side of the building and crashing to the ground. Really, this should happen to the person who green-lighted this idiotic program. In fact, Downfall kind of reminds me the state of network television and WGN Radio…

– Zambrano’s meltdown. Another summer of hearing stories about an millionaire idiot from the Cubs acting like a fool dominating the local headlines, while people who are struggling to pay their bills don’t get the same attention. Unfortunately, the struggles of the everyday person doesn’t boost ratings or newspaper sales like lowest-common denominator assholes like Zambrano and Milton Bradley. I guess the people in Big Media who are “asking the questions” need to ask the right ones for a change.