T Dog’s Four Pack – Don’t fumble it away

In honor of the Super Bowl this weekend, this is who scored the touchdowns this week –  and who fumbled it at the end zone.


– WGCI and WVAZ gives back. Clear Channel’s WGCI-FM and WVAZ-FM (V103) are launching the Raise A Hand Campaign to encourage young people to perform good deeds for their schools and their community via volunteer work. Both Ramonski Luv (former WGCI jock now at V103) and Tony Sculfield (the current afternoon personality at WGCI) are making special appearances at Chicago-area schools on Saturdays throughout February, which is Black History Month. For more information, click here.

As much as yours truly has given grief to Clear Channel over the years for some of their decisions, this initiative from them deserves a lot of kudos. This is what radio should be doing.

– The Grammys. Despite being panned across-the-board by critics, The 51st annual awards show drew more than 26 million viewers in its telecast last Sunday night, validating the fact Top 40 music is hot again.

–  Nate Berkus. Thank NBC and its ten owned-and-operated stations for helping launch this new syndicated talk show this fall, which is produced by Harpo Productions.

Lost. Television’s best drama (yeah, I said it) drew 12 million viewers for its sixth-season premiere and a 5.6 ratings in 18-49s.


– Illinois. We stayed away from the polls and we let idiots choose a woman-beating, sleazy pawn owner as a Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor? Now we even don’t have to lift a finger and still become a national laughingstock. Like the Bears.

– Monsters and Money in the Morning. The program’s first week on the air has yours truly longing for the days of CBS’ 1987 A.M. bomb The Morning Program when Soupy Sales hit Bob Saget in the face with a pie and Mariette Hartley performing like she’s Judy Tenuta.

– Mel Gibson’s interview with WGN-TV. Luckily for Dean Richards, Mel Gibson was on a monitor and not in the same room – he probably would’ve defecated on him like he did on Cartman. Those send-ups of Gibson on Family Guy and South Park were spot on.

– Taylor Swift’s performance at the Grammys. And she actually won some awards? Where’s Kanye West when you need him?