WLIT names new morning show

WLIT-FM announced its new morning show team – with a familiar voice.

That’s because the new morning man (Sean Valentine) has worked in Chicago radio before – he was the morning personality for WKSC-FM from 2001 to 2003, before Drex took over.

And like it was when Valentine was doing mornings at WKSC, his new morning show will be piped-in from – you guessed it, Los Angeles.

Both WLIT and WKSC are owned by Clear Channel Communications.

The move is being made after the Adult Contemporary outlet canceled Melissa Forman’s show after two years of low ratings.

Joining Valentine (from a studio in Chicago) is former WNUA personality Karen Williams, who will provide traffic and weather, and Irma Blanco, formerly of Mancow’s Morning Madhouse, when it was on WRCX, one of the forerunners of WKSC on the 103.5 frequency.

The festivities begin Sept. 2.

Thought: Was going to put the headline on Twitter first, but when you have a rant, 140 characters isn’t just enough.

This is by far, the most stupidest move Clear Channel has made…. this month. This from a company that has a history of making them, and this inane move gives us just more proof of how Cheap Channel continues to destroy radio.

This new morning show is nothing but a sloppy cut-and-paste job Clear Channel has foisted on its Chicago Adult Contemporary audience. If this company can surprise veteran employees by giving them the pink slip unexpectedly, ushering them out the door at a moment’s notice by mailroom employees, and having their stuff they left behind being thrown out the windows, what makes you think they have any respect for their listening audience? With this move, they have admitted local voices don’t matter anymore.

And don’t give me this economy bullcrap. With more than a few local television stations expanding local programming (from adding local newscasts to adding local sports, talk, and magazine shows) across the country – even in this shaky economy, this move makes Cheap Channel even more foolish.

Clear Channel may be headed for bankruptcy because of its heavy debt burden – which could force the company to sell off stations. Maybe its all for the best, because Clear Channel has already inflicted enough damage on the radio industry.

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