Patti Blago to appear on "Celebrity?"

Patti Blagoveich is in discussions to appear on NBC’s upcoming revival of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. If you recall, her husband Rod – the former governor of Illinois – tried to get on the show, but a judge denied the request – since he would travel outside the country.

Now, just in case The Tribune – who self-appointed itself as “The Corruption Watchdog”, but won’t answer about ethics problems in its own house – doesn’t post yours truly’s comments on the story on its Sirens and Blotter Blog, I’ll post them here:

“Wow, a wife of a politician who’s a joke on a reality show that’s a joke on a network (Nothing But Crap) that’s a joke.

Hey, maybe they can revive “Pink Lady and Jeff” and put her in a tight outfit and make her perform with Zucker… I’m certain GE will fit the bill.”

UPDATE: The Trib’s idiotic Sirens and Blotter Blog never did post yours truly’s comments – which contained good-natured humor with no profanity. So typical of Big Media. No wonder why people don’t bother with Chicago’s newspapers anymore or their websites. I’ll just add The Sirens and Blotter Blog to the list of my many targets.

Updated 12:34 a.m. on 2009-05-19