NBC announces new lineup for 2009-10 season – this time with an actual schedule

NBC released its 2009-10 schedule to advertisers, even though it previewed its lineup at its “InFront” two weeks ago.

The lineup is being split in two: one for fall 2009, the other for midseason 2010, after the Winter Olympics from Vancouver. Click here to see the official press release.

Keep in mind Jay Leno will be stripped at 9 p.m. (CT) every weeknight, so the focus is on the first two hours of prime-time.

New shows for fall include Trauma, which will air on Mondays after Heroes (who moves to an earlier time); Parenthood, a more dramatic version of the feature film (not to mention a short-lived 1990 TV Show); and Community, which debuts after Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday wraps up. Fridays contains veteran Law & Order and the second season of Southland.

Once the Olympics are over, NBC plans to slot Chuck on Mondays while new shows 100 Questions, Mercy, and The Marriage Ref debuts.

Bubble shows returning include Chuck (thanks to a fan campaign and Subway, who scored a product placement tie-in to the show) and Friday Night Lights (which hasn’t been slotted).

Canceled shows include My Name Is Earl and Medium – however, both may end up at Fox and CBS respectively. Kings is also gone, along with Howie Do It – the second Howie Mandel-hosted show to be canceled in the last few weeks (The prime-time version of Deal or No Deal was dropped by NBC earlier.)

Analysis: See this post yours truly wrote two weeks ago regarding NBC’s new shows this fall. Outside of Jay Leno, the only good things about this lineup is the return of Chuck and The Biggest Loser and perhaps Community, which yours truly plans to check out.