WGCI moves Scoulfield to mornings

Mornings are going to be a riot on WGCI…

As speculated on Monday, beginning April 1 (and no, this isn’t an April Fool’s Joke), currently afternoon personality Tony Sculfield will take over the morning drive spot from Steve Harvey, who is moving from WGCI to sister station WVAZ (V103) to replace the canceled Tom Joyner Morning Show.

Sculfield (who was part of Howard McGee’s morning show with Nikki Woods until 2007 when McGee was canned) returns to mornings and along with him, his show includes current WKSC-FM midday personality Nina Chantele and WGCI nighttime jock Leon Rogers.

Both Chantele and Rogers will keep their current gigs.

No word on a replacement for Scoulfield in the afternoons.

Thought: What I may say here is something I’d never thought I say on this blog – or at anytime for that matter…

Good move by WGCI and Clear Channel.

There, I said it. Boy, I need to take a very cold shower…

“The Morning Riot” should be a better fit for WGCI’s younger-skewing audience than Steve Harvey’s older-skewing syndicated program, and will now have Trey’s show on WPWX and The J Niice and Julian show on WBBM-FM as competition. But what makes this move sweet is it returns a shift to a local effort rather than a nationally syndicated one.

WGCI – whose ratings have dropped with the introduction of the PPMs – should have made this move sooner.

As for Tom Joyner, there are rumors surfacing of his morning radio show ending up on WSRB-FM (Did Crawford take yours truly’s advice? Shudder…) Stay tuned.