The FCC says no to Rockford (or yes?)

Updated story

The FCC has rejected an application for all of the stations in the Rockford-Freeport area (northwest of Chicago) to switch to all-digital broadcasting.

The stations: CBS affiliate WIFR, NBC affiliate WREX, ABC affiliate WTVO, and Fox affiliate WQRF were among four of 123 stations whose applications to change over on the original switchover date (Feb. 17.) Those stations will have to wait until June 12.

Meanwhile, 368 other stations’ applications were accepted, and they can turn off their analog signals on Tuesday.

But here’s the rub… Turns out the FCC let Rockford’s TV stations switch to digital after all on Tuesday, according to the Rockford Register Star. The story regarding Rockford’s analog status in TV Week was wrong (nice job, TV Week. Is Philadelphia still a small market?)

Local station managers in Rockford say the switcher went over quite well, with few complaints.

The T Dog Media Blog apologizes for the error.

Updated at 9:43 p.m. on 2009-02-17.