Eddie Schwartz dies

Longtime WGN-AM and WIND-AM personality Eddie Schwartz passed today at the age of 62. Schwartz worked the overnight shift on both station for many years, and is remembered fondly as a person who would listen to anybody and his or her problem. Schwartz also started a food drive at WGN, to help Chicago’s poor.

Schwartz hasn’t worked in radio since he left WLUP in 1995, but became a syndicated columnist for Lerner Newspapers.


1 thought on “Eddie Schwartz dies

    • Very saddened to learn of Eddie Schwartz’s passing. My sympathies to his family and friends. He was a very good broadcaster, truly a Chicago legend. I remember listening to him many times on WGN Radio. He cared about his listeners and he showed them respect. Too bad local radio today isn’t more like the way radio used to be…with local personalities on the air during all timeslots. Local personalities, such as Eddie Schwartz, helped to define their respective radio stations. We all know what words we would use to define local radio these days. I hate what media company consolidation has done to radio, TV, newspapers, etc.

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