DTV date moves again

It’s now June 12 again – the House passed a bill that moves the transition date from February 17 to June 12. However, stations can still shut their analog signals on February 17. A somewhat similar bill was defeated in the House last week.

President Obama said that he would sign the legislation.

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3 thoughts on “DTV date moves again

    • I think the change in the conversion date will only confuse viewers. There has been plenty of time warning viewers of the 2/17/09 date. If people cannot afford the digital converter boxes, why can’t some local communities start handing them out to viewers needing them. TV station owners and some advertisers should be helping to pass out free or lower priced converter boxes so viewers can continue watching their stations and seeing their products. Now with the conversion date changed TV stations will be spending more money running analog and digital signals. No doubt TV station owners will be standing next in line looking for their share of the federal bail out money! I still want to know when each of us gets our individual bail outs!!

    • Figures.. I am supposed to wait for Nobama to pander to all the welfare receivers? Get jobs. Thats what I say…You don’t like it…too bad

    • Only problem is… There are NO JOBS. I think you haven’t gotten the message that companies are laying off every day… Anyhoo, I don’t like the DTV date move either (no Channel 2 in OTA HD – stuck watching “Big Bang Theory” in SD – Aaaugh! – and I ain’t paying Comcast an extra $20 a month for the privilege), but casting them as welfare recipients is a little bit much.

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