Talk about your conflict of interest….

An interesting item from TV Barn: Sunflower Broadband (or Cable, or whatever they want to be called), which serves northeastern Kansas, dropped two Hearst-Argyle owned Kansas City stations from its channel lineup because they were asking too much money from them to be carried on Sunflower’s cable system. So Sunflower Broadband COO Patrick Knorr replaced departed ABC affiliate KMBC-TV from K.C. with Topeka’s ABC affiliate, KTKA-TV. However, CW affiliate KCWE-TV was not replaced with another CW outlet (Oh, dear! No Gossip Girl or 90210. What’s a young girl to do?)

Recently, KTKA was dropped by Dish Network in the Topeka area. Why? Because Sunflower Broadband – whose parent company is the owner of KTKA – was asking too much money from Dish Network to carry them! And guess who the general manager of KTKA is… Knorr’s wife, who happens to fighting Dish on the comp issue. (Whaaa?) Gee, does Mr. Knorr sleep on the couch every night? He must scarfing down bags of Keebler cookies and Fig Netwons every day at work and browsing through Maxim during his “downtime” at his office with the door closed because we all know he ain’t getting any… The hypocrisy is really, really getting thick in here…

In the words of The Score’s Boers and Bernstein… Patrick Knorr, Who are you Crappin’?