T Dog’s Groovy Grab Bag

The first four-post day in a long time! Here’s some more news…

– From Chicagoland Radio and Media: WGN-TV news anchor Allison Payne is expected to return to the desk Monday evening. She has been sitting out off and on for the last year or so recovering from a set of mini-strokes.

– The contestants for the new season of Celebrity Apprentice were announced today. So, where are the celebrities?

– TCA Update: The TCA Winter Press Tour has kicked off in Los Angeles earlier this week. Click here for the latest to see what cable nets We, National Geographic, Sundance, and IFC are up to.

– A follow-up to a story yours truly posted yesterday on a cable standoff in Kansas involving… well, a lot of parties. ABC affiliate KTKA-TV is now back on Dish Network in the Topeka area, after a week of being off the satellite system (However, Kansas City stations KMBC-TV and KCWE-TV were still MIA from Sunflower Broadband’s cable system…)

KTKA is owned by Free State Communications, a wholly-owned subsidary of The World Company – which happens to be Sunflower’s corporate parent.

Patrick Knorr, the COO of Sunflower Broadband, blamed the “faulty regulatory system for retransmission consent that creates an environment in which customers are put in the middle of negotiations.”

Really… How about the greedy corporate giants who have basically done the same thing? Hey Mr. Knorr, did your wife let you back in the bedroom yet?

– As you heard by now, Apple announced a new three-tier pricing for songs in its iTunes store, with songs being priced at $. 69, $.99, and $1.29 – as well as stripping out the dreaded Digital Rights Management, or DRM for short. An interesting item in page 3 of today’s Chicago Tribune showed what it would be like if the world at large were priced in the new iTunes system. In the category of “TV shows in which attractive women are inexplicably attracted to fat guys”, priced at $1.29 was The King of Queens, priced at $.69 was The Price Is Right (um… I don’t get it) and priced at $. 99 was According to Jim.

Funny, I thought According to Jim was only worth five cents.