Could Channel 2 dump its street-side studio?

If you’re one of those who waives to the few people watching Channel 2’s newscasts through the window of its street-side studio, time may be running out.

CBS-owned WBBM-TV is considering moving its newscasts from the street-level studio it occupies along Dearborn Street at Daley Plaza to the second floor.

Nothing is definite yet, but the station is considering moving the news set to the second floor at The Church of Tisch, given the station’s newsroom is located there, and the floor has a better view of Daley Plaza and the Picasso statue than the street-level studio.

The new digs so far has not boosted the station out of the doldrums at 10 p.m., where it often places behind reruns of Family Guy on WGN and its 6 p.m. news is behind reruns of Two and a Half Men on WGN and The Simpsons on WFLD-TV, not to mention its news competition.

WBBM moved to its new headquarters at Daley Plaza last September after 52 years at McClurg Court, and started broadcasting its news in HD (even though over-the-air digital TV viewers still can’t get Channel 2’s HD signal. Well, at least I can’t.)