T Dog’s Groovy Grab Bag

From the bag today:

– Comcast SportsNet announced it is splitting its signature sports news show SportsNite into two half-hours at 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. (Yours truly thought they were already separate.)

– It looks like an Obama-led FCC could steer the focus away from indecency, which has been the focus of the agency over the last few years. Under the “leadership” of Kevin Martin, the FCC has become nothing more than a PR agency for the Parents Television Council.

And the latest absurdity from the FCC came recently, when commissioner Deborah Tate blamed the online game sensation World of Warcraft addiction for the huge college drop-out rate. Um… maybe because it has something to do with high tuition and the struggling economy instead? (as a caller on Boers and Bernstein would say… Deborah Tate, Who Ya Crappin?) Please Obama, get Martin and his merry band of twits out of here!

– A problem with its analog transmitter may force Fox-owned WFXT in Boston to go all-digital early, while KCWE-TV in Kansas City has already pulled the analog plug. The digital transition happens February 17, when all full-power analog signals shut down forever.

Howard Stern on his former boss (Kevin Metheny), who landed a new job as program director of WGN-AM:

“Pig Virus landed on his feet again. I don’t spend my day thinking about Pig Virus, but it is amazing how guys we know who are pretty unoriginal keep landing on their feet. … Pig Virus really undermined everything I tried to do at NBC and hated me. And then after he got bounced from NBC and the other places he worked, he started programming radio stations and tried to replicate what I did on the radio.”

Remember the old saying “time heals all wounds”? Not in radio, my friend.