Andy Shaw retires

Longtime political reporter Andy Shaw is retiring from ABC-owned WLS-TV after 25 years.

Shaw has covered the political beat at WLS since 1983, when he covered Harold Washington’s rise to history when he became Chicago’s first African-American mayor and ending with Barack Obama becoming the first African-American President – not to mention the fall of Governor Rod.

Shaw began his television career at NBC-owned WMAQ-TV in 1976 as an education reporter and editorial director. He left the station in 1982.

Shaw has been part of WLS’s rise to dominance in local news. When he joined WLS in 1983, the news operation was a distant third place. Shaw became well known by many Chicago politicans – and he wasn’t afraid to ask them a harsh question or two.

For a short time, Shaw even worked on the crime beat at WLS in addition to his political reporting duties.

With Shaw retiting, WLS’ new politcal reporter is Charles Thomas, a sixteen-year veteran who has been a general assignment reporter.