Don’t forget: Chicago DTV tests today

Just a friendly remainder from The T Dog Media Blog: All local TV stations are conducting a test today to see if you are ready for the digital TV transition. Between 6:53 a.m. and 6:58 a.m. and again from 5:23 p.m. to 5:28 p.m., they will shut off their analog signals and replace it with a message stating “This TV is Not Ready”.

This means you need to get a converter box to convert you analog signals to digital. You can pick up a box at your local electronics store, and you can also get a coupon from the government to help defray the purchase.

Viewers with traditional over-the-air (no cable) televisions with old-fashioned rabbit ears are only affected; viewers who receive their signal via cable, over-the-air digital, or satellite won’t be.

WGN-TV meanwhile, plans to go the creative route and haul out Bozo the Clown during those five minutes to lecture us on the DTV transition.

For more information on the digital switchover, scroll down to the “DTV Transition Center” on The Sidebar of this blog.


2 thoughts on “Don’t forget: Chicago DTV tests today

    • Help my mom has an attenna but recieves the digital signals of 2,5,7,9, 11, 32, etch(there .1,.2,.3)..but today when she had her HDDTV on the message came across that her TV was not ready…how can this be if she is already getting digital signal..we went to ABT where we got the TV and they stated her TV is fine…any ideas?

    • My dad said he had the same problem this morning (he also bought from the same place, ABT.) Does your mom have a digital television set that also has an analog tuner? I believe your mom had the TV tuned to an analog channel instead of a digital channel – this is what I told my dad this morning. The “Your TV is not ready” message showed up only on the analog, over-the-air antenna channels – not the digital ones. Your set should be fine.

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