B96 thanks Eddie & JoBo & Erica (updated)

WBBM-FM has a note on their website saying “thanks” to Eddie Volkman, Joe Bohannon, and Erica Cobb for their years of hard work and dedication on their morning show. As you all know by now, the trio were let go Friday.

In an interview with Phil Rosenthal of the Tribune, Volkman talked about the harsh realities facing the radio business – admitting the big paydays of years past are in – well, the past.

Cobb posted a goodbye note to her fans on her Facebook page and took a parting shot at her critics (I assume including this blog – which took a shot at her last spring for an on-air incident:)

“I am SO grateful and unbelievably blessed to have been a part of so many of your lives every morning. And I’m even more touched that so many of you feel that there will be a void by me not being there tomorrow. I love you all, I’ll miss you all, but this is NOT the end, and I’ll see you soon.

“No tears for me… I’m in MEXICO for crying out loud and when I return it’s back to the grind. But I’ll do so with excitement as I’m a firm believer in one door closing another one opening! AND to the haters … LOL, it’s such a rare opportunity that I actually address people who have so little to do but talk poorly about others who CHOOSE to work hard to achieve their dreams!

“I’ve NEVER considered my success your failure. And find it QUITE sad that you’d consider my ‘failure,’ which it’s clearly NOT, your success. But if that’s the way you want to play it, then I want you to prepare for MANY more failures in YOUR future.”

After reading the note from Ms. Cobb a couple of times more, yours truly realized how unprofessional her statement was – coming from a person who pulls bush-league stunts. I guess Cobb can find a job with the Heroes writing staff. She’s a diva – just like Tim Kring is, who thinks fans of the show are “saps” and “disphits”.  That more than enough qualifies her for the job. Given the show is written by “saps” and “dipshits”, Erica would fit right in – she is nothing but a “sap” and a “dipshit”.

Good riddance, Cousin Oliver.

Updated 8:23 pm at 2008-11-24