T Dog’s Four on the Floor – Edition 7

Yes, the four feature is back! But with a new name. The feature that was Who’s in your four is now the much-catchier T Dog’s Four on the Floor. Why the name change? Because the previous one no longer made sense (and T-Mobile has scaled back national advertising, meaning no more “who’s in your five” spots.) And it’s not original.

There are four items on two floors each: A Fabulous Floor and a Flopulous one. It’s been awhile since we did one, and here it is:

T Dog’s Fabulous Four

– Windows Vista ads (that do not star Jerry Seinfeld.) Though yours truly loves those PC vs. Mac ads, Microsoft’s ads featuring the lonely PC as someone who can do more than stand around in a suit and tie was awesome. This generation’s McDonald’s vs. Burger King.

– South Park. The season premiere scored its highest ratings in nine years, thanks to Matt Stone and Trey Parker sticking it to two people who thoroughly deserved it (though yours truly hated yet another edition of the Butters & Cartman show.)

– Matt Millen fired as the Detroit Lions’ GM. Finally, the worst sports executive in history gets canned by the Detroit Lions, who went 31-84 under his watch. Next stop for Millen? Maybe low-rated outlets WKBD-TV (CW) and sister station WWJ-TV (CBS). After all, they are owned by The Church of Tisch and they know a thing or two about hiring bad executives…

– Robert Feder. It sucks he’s leaving soon, but a toast to the man who peaked inside the door of Chicago’s Media outlets and brought us all the dirt.

T Dog’s Flopulous Four (the non-Chicago baseball and non-Heroes edition)

– The Emmy Awards. Regarding the opening sketch: all right, what the hell was that? Five hosts bumbling, stumbling around like they’re drunk and not knowing what they’re doing? Weak. This lousy skit, along with low ratings are more than enough to put award shows out of existence.

– Family Guy. For a lame Jennifer Hudson joke in the season premiere. Which manatee came up with that one? Whatever the case, he probably works on the Heroes writing staff as well.

– ABC Wednesday. How about those ratings for Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, and Dirty Sexy Money? Makes you long for the days of Dinosaurs and Doogie Howser, M.D. -mid-level fare that ran on the network on Wednesdays in the early ’90’s.

– Rush Limbaugh vs. Mary Mitchell. Really, who cares?