Welcome to the third season

Has it really been two years?

Yours truly started this blog two years this week on September 18, 2006, and 1,379 posts later – it’s still going strong. And as of today, the third season of The T Dog Media Blog begins.

As you know, this blog is targeted for media professionals, and it covers a lot of serious stories in the business, and how they affect the industry, both locally and around the country – not to mention my views on many media issues.

But this place also serves up some fun, as many of the stories are offbeat reviews of the day’s media stories, in television, radio, print, and the Internet.

However – with the start of the blog’s third season today – there are going to be some changes, some of which you might have noticed already. This is in part because yours truly has started a new gig, and I don’t have as much time to devote to the blog as I used to.

Also, I want to devote more time to my fictional writing – something I haven’t done in nearly three years. If you’ve read The Sidebar, my aim is to become a screenwriter and/or author, and I have written projects that have been presented at ETA Creative Arts.

So here’s what on tap for season three:

– For one thing, there will be less focus on breaking news and more, longer-form posts on media stories with the usual twisted commentary you come to expect from The T Dog Media Blog. This is more in line with other media blogs such as Jerry Del Colliano’s Inside Music Media and Aaron Barnhart’s TV Barn, which the latter has headlines in a ticker to the right. In other words, future posts are now going to look like T Dog’s Think Tanks, only a lot shorter.

– You may have also noticed a new feature called “T Dog’s Groovy Grab Bag”, where I group many media news stories together into one single post. With more than 1,300 posts on this site already, this is a way to cut down on clutter without devoting a single post to minor news stories, such as a new syndicated TV show clearing Fort Wayne, Ind., or a new DJ getting hired at WTMX. Last September, there were a whopping 82 items posted here, including stories on Fox canceling Nashville, a new weekend anchor at Channel 2, and Bob Costas appearing on an unfunny sketch with the unfunny Frank Caliendo on Fox NFL Sunday. Yawn. Really, do these stories even merit a single post? This new format will cut down on the number of posts a month and make the blog look more organized.

– I have also launched a new weekly feature titled “Who’s in your four” – a play on the “Who’s in your five” T-Mobile marketing campaign (The name changes to T Dog’s Freakin’ Four, effective this Friday.) This features four media stories I think are hot – and four that are not (and yes… it comes with the twisted commentary you expect from this blog.)

– In addition, there is a major expansion of The T Dog Media Blog is in the works. The project’s name (Fanboy) consists of a MySpace page, a Facebook profile, a LinkedIn page, some involvement in Twitter, and more. This way, The T Dog Media Blog can reach more of an audience. I also plan to put my various fictional works on these sites (and they are copyrighted, so don’t even think about it.) I’ll let you know when Fanboy will officially launch.

– Of course, major events including NATPE, Comic-Con, and the Television Critics Association press tour will continue to be covered in detail. And the world famous T Dog’s Think Tank feature will also continue.

The changes are being made to make the blog easier to read and so I can provide more of my world famous twisted commentary on some media news stories. In all, everybody wins!

I hope you continue enjoy the blog, and I’ll continue to enjoy putting it out. And as always – thank you for reading. Stay tuned as it continues to grow!


Terence Henderson

Chairman of The T Dog Blog, Inc. – a subsidiary of the Fiction Corp.

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