T Dog’s Groovy Grab Bag

– NBC’s new remake of Knight Rider couldn’t start the car with a lackluster third place finish in adults 18-49. Maybe they should have remade My Mother, the Car instead? (Oh God, no!)

– Oxygen has acquired the exclusive cable rights to reruns of America’s Next Top Model, currently on MTV. The move takes place in January, when the show begins its second cable cycle.

– Remember earlier when yours truly said David Letterman hasn’t been funny in the last twelve years? It looks like the streak has been broken. Wow, what a rant! And he goes after him again on Thursday! Right on, Dave. Who does McCain think he is? Jay Mariotti?

– An article about Lisa Simpson saving the environment. When she talks about pollution, you think she’s referring to rival Family Guy?

– Important news here: WGN-AM and the Chicago Tribune are hosting a live, two-hour special live on the station this Friday regarding the current financial crisis. Titled “Your Voice, Your Money”, WGN host John Williams and a panel of financial experts talk about what the current crisis means for you. Listeners can submit their questions to johnwilliams@wgnradio.com. The special runs from Noon to 2 p.m. on WGN and shown live on the station’s website.