New syndication season off and running

Chicago contributes to programs’ decent start

The new 2008-09 season in syndication began on Monday with the debut of five new strips – and all got off to a decent – if not spectacular start:

Program RTG SHR Lead-In TP 9/07
Bonnie Hunt 1.1 3 -21% 0%
Deal or No Deal 1.3 3 -13% -7%
The Doctors 1.6 4 -11% -15%
Family Court 0.9 3 0% 12%
Judge Karen 0.8 2 -11% -20%

Source: Nielsen, PI

Note: The third column is the program’s rating vs. its lead-in (i.e. the program that aired before it.) The fourth column is the program’s rating vs. the average rating of the program that was in the time period in September 2007. For example, Bonnie Hunt’s rating on Monday averaged a 1.1 rating in 52 markets, down 21 percent from its lead-in and flat from year-ago time period averages.

– CBS Television Distribution’s The Doctors led the pack with an 1.6/4, with the best performance coming from right here in Chicago – Weigel’s WCIU-TV netted a surprisingly strong 2.1/4 at 5 p.m. The number was up 40 percent from Sept. 2007 time slot ratings, when the station ran One on One and Girlfriends in the time period.

– NBC Universal’s Deal or No Deal began its syndication life Monday with a 1.3/3. In Chicago, the program notched an 1.5/5 at noon on NBC-owned WMAQ-TV, up a whopping 400 percent from a mish-mash of syndicated fare (Martha, Paid programming, etc.) in the time period last year.

Deal also recently scored a clearence in Washington, D.C.. where Fox-owned WDCA-TV has slotted the program at 5 and 5:30 p.m. NBC-owned WRC-TV turned the game show down.

– Sony’s Judge Karen earned a 0.8/3, but the high water mark came in Chicago, with the program earning a 2.8/7 at 2:30 p.m. on WCIU. Karen is slotted in the middle of the station’s successful courtroom block.

Warner Bros.’ Bonnie Hunt, featuring our town’s funny gal, bowed with a 1.1/4, but scored a 100 percent ratings increase over last year’s programming on NBC-owned KXAS-TV in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Finally, Program Partners’ Family Court with Judge Penny nabbed a 0.8/3, scoring a 12 percent increase from its lead-in, with the high-water mark coming in Philadelphia, with CBS-owned WPSG-TV (a CW affiliate) nabbing a 1.4/5.

Syndication casualty update

Shows recently canceled or taken out of syndication: Temptation, Judge Maria Lopez (both ended last Friday), Stone Undercover, Blind Date (ends this Friday), Jury Duty (ends this Friday, at least in Chicago), Montel Williams (no longer on the air in Chicago), Maximum Exposure, Soul Train.

Still not confirmed: The Shield, Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen, It’s Showtime At The Apollo (anyone out there know about the fate of these shows, let me know in the comment box)

Could be back after all?: Even though CSI:NY is debuting this weekend in syndication, CSI:Miami reruns are still airing on a good number of stations as well, including WBBM-TV in Chicago – at least that’s what TV Guide is saying…


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    • T, Comics Unleashed is still on. You’re not missing much by not watching it. Nick Digilio on WGN had a great rant about the show a couple of months ago.

    • I think “Comics Unleashed” hasn’t aired a first-run episode since Spring 2007. I tuned in (by accident) a few months ago and Byron Allen’s monologues were quite dated.

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